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God... dammit... UPS.



Wake up. Shower. Eat.

Check discord. Dig around to try and confirm something while I'm writing another letter for the show staff.

Remember that I haven't checked my mail or RSS today. Fire up Thunderbird. There's an email from yesterday afternoon.



"Dear T Quinch,

Thank you for shopping at!

Your order has been delivered. Please see below for details. "



Nobody told me when I got off work yesterday and it's not like it would be like them to forget.

Check the email for a depot location or a contact number. Nope, nada.

Open the front door, and there it is. Four huge-ass boxes with Newegg logo on them.

Sitting on my goddamn stoop.

Since yesterday.

About a thousand dollar's worth of computer hardware just...

Sitting there.


Words. Cannot. fucking describe.



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You're lucky in a way. When my wife gets packages through FedEx, we have to call up all the people in the area with the same *first name* as her, on the off chance the FedEx person delivered the stuff to them. It's happened three times now, the FedEx driver just happens to know a Kathy or Cathy or something in the same town and off the package goes to them...

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I'm pretty sure this is illegal in my country. Someone from the house needs to sign for every package delivered to my home. If I get a package trough regular mail, I have to go pick it up and show my ID (anybody else can pick up my package provided they show a notarized permission).

Most couriers call just before delivery to check if someone's at home to pick the package up. One company sends an SMS indicating one hour window of delivery.

I think that if the driver decided to leave the package outside like this, he would be responsible if it got stolen, since there is no signature of the recipient.

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Well, one can hardly claim they're anything but professional. When they lost my wedding ring {to be used at said wedding} they wasted no time trying to charge for the service of losing it.

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Just yesterday, I was in the kitchen making my lunch. (Soup, if anyone is interested!) I had the door open, and the screen door locked, enjoying the breeze through the house. I heard a slight nose out front. I looked out front and saw a FEDEX truck driving away. The driver didn't knock or anything. He just tossed the large soft plastic pouch (It was a light jacket I ordered) against the screen door and walked away! The house was totally quiet. He didn't knock, say a word, breathe heavy, or anything! I was mad, and called to complain. If I didn't have the door open, I wouldn't have heard it, and it would have sat there for hours! I wasn't expecting it for another day! More likely, I would have seen someone else wearing my new jacket!

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