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Red Red Rose

Illiad Easle


While the Noble family of Rose did not feature prominently into the history of Troy, their descendants include none other than the Bearer of Vengeance, as such I thought it proper to include their rise to power in this brief story centered on the prominent matriarch of the family. Red Red Rose was born in the city of Everfree, which surrounded the Castle of the Two Sisters until it was overtaken by the forest of the same name. Similar to Trojan Horse records are incomplete for the time period and she did not mention the names of her parents in any of her journals…

En Route to Canterlot from Everfree, 100 BNMM

I’m not theirs’, and they aren’t mine. Red Red Rose blew lightly on the page to dry it before closing the journal. Dark splotches of ink stained the cream color of her hooves. It had taken quite the effort considering the bumpy ride of the carriage, but she had blotted out every instance of her parents from the journal.

She idly rubbed her hooves together in a vain attempt of removing the ink as she stared out the window, it had been quite the trip up the mountain, but already she could see the construction that was being put forth on the new city.

Ludicrous, truly she’s daft! She remembered her father’s reaction to the news of Princess Celestia’s decision to build a city on the side of a mountain. Although he was certain to never voice his opinion in public, he had never had much faith in their rulers. Rose on the other hoof thought it was a wonderful plan, and made the unfortunate decision to voice said opinion. This among other things her father considered distasteful to their family name resulted in her being sent away. Why don’t you go live there if you love it so much! Because I certainly won’t have you living here to disrespect me!

It wasn’t all terrible though, she for one thought it a wonderful way to gain the freedom she had so long desired, the freedom especially to be with the one she had so secretly loved for some time now. Thorny Rose was the one pulling the carriage, a secret gift from her mother, with their scant belongings on top. They would build a new family together in this new town as founding members, their fame and fortune would depend on the town’s success.


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