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Stone Cold Steve Jobs



(Unless you positively nail it)

  • Skaters
  • Misunderstood edgy characters
  • Bleeding heart overly sad characters 
  • Retconning
  • “It was only a dream.”
  • Perfect fighters
  • Everything must end in romance
  • Dark and stormy nights
  • Villainous parents
  • The Chosen One
  • Gods who cannot defeat non-God related villains
  • Plot armor
  • (parenthetical rants)
  • Misunderstood fighters/heroes/musicians who instantly have a huge fan base
  • Immediate love, platonic or otherwise
  • Immediately good at everything characters
  • Overly large rarely words used in a narrative (when there’s a common, smaller alternative)
  • Blood fucking everywhere
  • Deus ex machina
  • Mary Sues in general
  • Characters in horror stories lack common sense
  • Gasoline explodes if you so much as think of fire
  • The good guy can do no wrong
  • The bad guy can do no good
  • Censoring curse words
  • Amnesia
  • Too much TLC
  •  Characters who have suffered over the top abuse from friends, family, guardians, etc.
  • *using asterisks to denote an action like we're role playing*
  •  Amnesia
  •  A character is dead and gone permanently as decided by the story, only to come back through some unforseen loop hole three episodes later (I'm looking at you, Dragonball)
  •  The bad guy is bad because he's bad.
  • The good guy is good because we're supposed to root for him.
  • Amnesia
  • The Happy Ending Override (see 90% of sequels)
  • Alarm clock wake-ups
  • “Screw our orders! Those are our men out there!”
  • Self sacrifice, doubly so when it is the thing that destroys plot armor 
  • Good guy and bad guy team up to stop a mutual threat cliché
  • Rehashing
  • Fourth wall breaking
  • Opposites attract cliché
  • Bad guy too powerful. Time for weakness ex machina.
  • Anything shiny
  • You make an original character for a fan fiction who is a rare breed of animal/warrior/marsupial because reasons
  • ”So my friends and I were...”
  • Kiss of Death cliché (characters kiss, at least one perishes shortly thereafter)
  • Romance ex machina

If I can figure out how to quickly find my blog then I will add more to this with time. Do you have anything I can add?

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“It was only a dream.”

I agree especially on this one. :dry: The worst way to end a story – always disappointing and lazy, sometimes also an excuse for other ridiculous choices by the writer...

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That one is an absolute testament to lazy writing. It’s the veritable escape button people hit when things aren’t working for them. You can make this cliche work, but it takes some doing.

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