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The Good Place

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Sunny Fox


I had a thought recently... it was about The Good Place (available on Netflix) ... and if you haven't watched it and don't like spoilers, I'm going to give you a warning not to click below. Otherwise, you can see my prediction for how the story is going to turn out from here on.


Final episode reveal: Michael does not know, but Janet is actually a real angel. She posed as a "mainframe" for the Neighbourhood so that she could get Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason into the Good Place. Being an angel, she realizing that the main four could become better people even after their deaths, in a universe where the system has broken down and is simply sending everyone to the Bad Place, regardless of their potential for good or the actions they performed in their life. Janet has been pulling strings off-screen all this while to achieve her aims, thereby fooling the demons into thinking they're winning - a long con. If the demons think they're winning anyway, they have no reason to try to undermine the (true) system. Consider this fact: Janet's "summoning" abilities stalemated Gen aka Hydrogen aka The Judge... a being of literally inconceivable power and knowledge who has existed since the beginning of the universe... (this implies that Janet is even more powerful than an eternal being of power!)

Due to the action of angels like Janet, good people (or those who could become good people) are being rescued and sent to paradise, out from under the very noses of the demons of the Bad Place. As the main characters become good and earn their spot in paradise, so does Michael, a former demon who truly came to care for his four humans, and humanity at large, thus earning himself his place (consider the concept of pure vs corrupt motivations. At first, Michael only cared about avoiding his punishment for failing his experiment, but then he truly came to care for his human charges. At this point, his motivations have become pure... he want to see them get into the Good Place no matter what, even sacrificing himself to achieve it, so now he truly has a selfless motive to help them.)

It gets our main four into Paradise, gives Michael a chance to experience a reality where he never has to fear the Eternal Shriek ever again, and ties it all up neatly with a bow tie.


Alternative theory: Michael is the angel, he has been posing as a Bad Place Architect all along, and everything I said above about Janet applies to him instead. (When rebooting Janet, he claimed his birthday was 0000... so he's older than Gen!) He is duping everyone under the guise of duping the demons under the guise of duping the humans.

Or something... it's complicated, all right?

So yeah, I think that pretty much explains what I think the writers of the Good Place are going for. Feel free to comment, but please keep it spoiler free. Thanks.

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