Episode 52 - Accidentally Eating Your Hair

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Okay, so only people with really long hair are gonna get this one.

Y'know what really grinds my gears?  When you're eating, and a single one of your hairs falls down in front of you and dangles in the food, and you don't realize it, and then you scoop up a bite of food with the fork, and you scoop the hair right along with it and put it all in your mouth, and then you start to chew and feel a tugging on your hair, and you trace the hair down your cheek with your finger and realize you've f*cking done it again, and it's in your mouth, and then you open your mouth and try to pull out the hair without letting the food fall out, but then you realize that it's all mashed into the food and like f*ckin' stuck between one of your teeth or something.

F*ckin bullsh*t, dude.  :glimmer:

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I keep my hair short for other reason primarily (wait until it is long enough to need a comb and then get a number 1 haircut), but this would be an additional reason if I ever thought about it before.

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