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Lion Guard Ramblings



Huh.  Ushari was apparently the first character to explicitly die in a Disney Jr show(Not counting Scar, as he was already dead).  While another character in the Lion Guard did end up explicitly dying as well, that was towards the end of the 3rd season and after Ushari dies, so not only was Ushari one of the only villains to really leave any visible marks(Kion's scar will never heal, Ono's eyesight is better but not back to how it was), he was also the first character to explicitly die in a Disney Jr show.  I seriously wish that Ono hadn't been able to save Bunga in time, then maybe Kion wouldn't of had such a rough time on his journey to the tree of life, for instance, he wouldn't have been immediately banished from the tree because the rock slide that triggered the fight wouldn't have happened.  And maybe I'd find the third season to be more enjoyable, because with no Ushari. Janja, Jasiri, Masinko, or Rairai and her jackals for most of the season, and Bunga and Rani and a mopey Kion who gets an even more overpowered and overrated roar for some/most/all of the season, it doesn't balance out very well.  At least in the third season I can't make an argument about the villains just needing to eat, so yay!  Makucha, the snow leopard who I don't know the name of, and Mama Binterong are all really good villains, and honestly I really do like Azad, Binga, and Fileo(I spelled it the best I could remember his name).  And I really do like the first episode, Battle for the Pridelands, and that scene where the Lion Guard are returning to the Pridelands and meet back up with their friends and family just, it was so "Awwwwww."  Season 3 had the best line in the whole season, Azad said, "Scared of lightning, hyena?" to Janja, and then Janja said, "Me?  Afraid?  No way!" and then Kion roars at the cloud and tells everyone that they're going to ride the tree down the river, and Azad says, "Must we?" and then Janja says, "What?  Afraid of water, cheetah?"

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