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My Thoughts abought Discord and Celestia after the ending.




So because of the final episodes, I've revisited my initial impressions of Celestia from when I first started watching the show. I thought she was genuinely nice but was setting up "crap" for "Twilight and friends" to deal with. I didn't put much thought beyond that at that point in time, since I had now idea how the show would go over time.


now "cue" Discord.:mlp_wink: Always trying to F things up for his own amusement. A character like him in a show like this is just great. He's definitely one of my favorite characters.

Now for where I'm going with all of this. OH HOW I WISH they could have gone another layer with him and Celestia being each other's nemesis'! :yay: But you know- for kids.

When it was revealed that Discord was Grogar- I literally gasped- I wasn't expecting that. I was like "Shit- is he actually bad?"  Ultimately though I think it was great. I don't think he was really concerned about Twilight, her confidence, and her "Oh so important" coronation, but was more concerned with sticking it to Celestia by screwing with her grand plan.:laugh:

Retirement!?! NOT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:umad:

I mean look at the situation- Sister's back, main villains nullified (for the time being), Equestria in an overall good state, ready to hand over the keys and... BAM!, Chef "look at me, I'm a good boy now" was cooking up trouble, and it boiled over, just a bit.  Maybe the whole time Discord was actually malevolent and was trying to "break" Celestia but legit messed up.

Now in a NON TV-Y WORLD- Celestia could have snapped after Discord revealed that his plan got away from him- along with his magic. I mean she could have turned into an enraged Daybreaker and immediately blasted a dumbfounded Luna back to the moon and maybe even possibly kill Discord in the state he was in at the time. On top of a now crazed insane Celestia, add the bumbling bell brigade to the mix and now what? Imagine how F'd up the possibilities could be!:mlp_blink:

I really don't know how something like that would have turned out. :wau: I mean we saw how down Twilight got in the actual episode, now add if Celestia went insane/evil because of Discord going too far!


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LOL. Celestia was pissed but yeah, I don't think she could ever go that crazy  I was just thinking of the Irony of things disintegrating into complete chaos and Discord possibly not even being around to witness it- BY HIS OWN FAULT:laugh:


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