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So I haven't left as much time for this as I hoped to leave, but I am writing a bit anyway. I don't I have the time to really give Sugar Plum a decent fleshing out if any at all. So I will focus on myself, Eniac.

Firstly, I have sorted out the plot a bit more: The idea will be to have Eniac having a conversation with Sugar Plum about his thoughts and experiences with Equestria. This is going of the conversation I was talking about in the previous post. The idea is to explain ponies and Equestria to someone who is a pony themselves in Equestria. It sounds weird but that's what I am going for. In a similar vain to say Darwin investigating the natural wild life of the Galapagos Islands. Of course Sugar Plum is aware that these things exist but hasn't given much thought about them.

For this reason I need Eniac to be very curious in nature, he decided to look at the world around him and is intrigued enough by it that he is having this conversation. This curiosity can then lead to a wandering train of thought which may be useful. He is very excitable as well, this is one way I wish to add humour to the story, the reason being his intense curiosity so anything new gives him great joy. He doesn't really think in his head, he is very verbal, again humour, but this also helps to drive the conversation. Though he may wander in his thinking he can become intensely focused, fixating on small details or other people. This can be unnerving but it gives a way for Sugar Plum to slowly get used to Eniac. However, over all of this Eniac is uncaring towards others? Not in a very negative way more in the fact that he does not give them much thought, occasionally belittling them. His love and curiosity for the world around him also extends to other ponies but because of his frantic, uncaring and sometimes hurtful mannerisms they generally avoid him. This will act as a base which he is trying to figure out. Reasons for these traits will be explained in his backstory, which might have been better to write out first but oh well.

The idea I am going with Eniac is a enthusiastic professor, he is caught up in finding new things and making innovations that he does not realise the others around him or other parts of himself. This is the basis for the character arc of Eniac. Have him slowly realise these other aspects of life and eventually improve himself. So though the plot is an analysis of Equestria and the few ponies Eniac has seen or interacted with, the underlying theme is the improvement of Eniac socially. I feel it's a bit cliched but if I get the characteristics and back story really nailed I will add a couple of interesting twists.

though I stated that this is loosely based off of a conversation I had, that;s more the concept of what is being said. The development of Eniac is not the development of myself even though Eniac represents one part of me. Sugar Plum will not be directly based of anyone I know personally.

The story narrative will probably be a dialogue the whole time, possibly chapters (depending on the length) for different encounters between Eniac and Sugar Plum (No other ponies are directly talked to). between direct dialogue the two characters will have internal monologues, I don't know how I will distinguish them yet but that's the plan. Anyway, tomorrow I will add some more.

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