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Sugar Plum

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Here go for day 3 looking more in-depth at sugar plum.

I'll take a break quick though to say that I am not going to go into as much detail as I thought. Reading back the Eniac post was quite a dump of characteristics none of which were really explored. Two reasons for this: I am leaving writing here until the end of the day so I am tired and feel obliged; and I am not really thinking about the characters, or rather thinking to in-depth right at the start, they have to grow. So to a better introduction to Sugar Plum:

Sugar Plum is the reason for the interaction, Eniac is not likely to interact on his on volition though he would like to. I see Sugar Plum in a similar vain to Pinkie where she is happy to go up to strangers and find everything about them. Sugar Plum is a people's (ponies) person (pony). However, I don't want the hyper activity of Pinkie because that will make the interactions insanely chaotic, with Eniac going off tangents and Sugar Plum going of the wall. So the only similarity to Pinkie is the extroverted nature to help the plot.

She definitely needs to be patient and 'caring', not caring in the motherly sense but rather interested in the development of Eniac. Though, this is not her forte, her want to understand and be friends with Eniac causes her to express and develop her caring nature. She develops with Eniac though the focus is on Eniac.

The important fact is that she is also sensible, not rational necessarily, but sensible. You see Eniac is rational he does not do anything that does not make logical sense, but this means that he does things that don't make emotional or social sense. Sugar Plum needs to be sensible to keep Eniac on track or rather get him on track through the story. Sugar Plum is really the guiding force for the story whilst also being the sound board for Eniac.

As a result of these core characteristics she is more care free and grounded than Eniac. However, she does have flaws, she does not have quite the determination or commitment that Eniac has. This seems to counteract the fact that she still returns to Eniac, however, Eniac is actually eager to talk to someone so will start to make an effort to keep Sugar Plum coming back. This will create an interesting point sort 1/3 in where Eniac approaches Sugar Plum after she has stopped coming as much.

Because of her extroverted and semi-caring nature she often forgets herself and is happier to help others than stop to ask if she wants to do that. This again allows Eniac to develop to a point where he can start to act on the fact he thinks Sugar Plum works herself too much. Or rather that she does not tell others when she is upset as she does not want them to feel guilty or sad.

So I believe this is slightly better and will probably revisit Eniac tomorrow. I can then put in a bit more of the emotional and characteristic interactions between the two. I am thinking that if there is a point where they were supposed to meet but they don't the internal monologue is just Sugar Plum at the start but then slowly add Eniac. This will show that Eniac is starting to think about other ponies socially and emotionally rather than just analytically. Of course during dialogue their monologues will be inter-weaved, though Eniac's will originally be all over the place.

This is quite the block of text, but though this is a blog for other's to read I see it as more of a log of my thoughts with the possibility that someone may step in and offer some advice. It's quite bland at the moment because it's character development no juicy stories yet. In fact, I think it might be a detriment to anybody who wants to eventually read this :laugh::laugh::dry: (good joke right there). Anyway, I need to make them more readable for my own sake at least. Another fact is that I don't want to edit previous blogs, except for grammar, to keep the original ideas there to draw upon.

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