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Superhero Profile: Eisheth

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Renegade the Unicorn



Name: Eisheth, Collector of Souls (among other titles)

Civilian Name: Elizabeth Chandler, Private Investigator

Species: Succubus

Age: Somewhere in the 1000s, last she checked.

Powers and Abilities: Master of seduction, teleportation, illusions, superhuman strength and agility, and wish granting - all vital to her job as a "contractor" of Hell.

Appearance: In her civilian identity, Eisheth appears to be a black-haired pale woman in her 20s or 30s, dressed in the stereotypical film noir garb of a grey trenchcoat and pork pie hat. She describes her human form as "if Morticia Addams went into adult films" - an hourglass figure, 36DD breasts...the whole shebang. Her eyes are a sharp emerald green (black in her succubus form), her lips ruby red. In short - she's every femme fatale from the classic potboilers. Her succubus form on the other hand, is an equally seductive red devil, with a white, razor-toothed grin, massive bat wings, and a n orange and black formfitting dress.

Bio: Eisheth, as she would eventually be known as, was born sometime in the early Middle Ages, probably in the 6th or 7th century - her memories are foggy. What she remembers from her past life, though, was that she grew up in a life of prostitution. She was killed on her 21st birthday by a customer, and as per medieval beliefs, sentsnced into the circle of Lust for her "transgression" . 

However, Lilith took pity on the girl, and saw that she didn't deserve a fate such as hers. So, she made the girl a deal - she would bring her back to life, in exchange for giving the Queen of Hell her soul and working on Lucifer's behalf as a "contractor" - a tempter and collector of souls. The girl, seeing no other choice, accepted. Her first stop upon returning to Earth? A visit to her last customer.

She slaughtered them all. Him and his entire family.

And so, she adopted the name Eisheth, traveling the world for centuries as many things - a mercenary, a knight in the Crusades, an entertainer for soldiers in both World Wars (with spying on the side)...and now, she's decided to settle down in the backass of nowhere, Hell, Michigan. Not to worry, though - she's got her partner (in both senses) Necroia to help her investigate the strange goings on in the Putnam Township and surrounding areas.

Personality: Eisheth is...well, a lust fiend, to put it bluntly. She loves nothing more than bedding various men and women, but outside of her "work", she is completely faithful to Necroia. But she is also crafty and sharp-witted, knowing just how to tempt her clients in exchange for their souls. That sharpness and quick-thinking comes in handy in her day job as a PI as well - and more often than not, her cases are tied to the supernatural occurrences in Michigan.

Weaknesses: Sounds cliche, but holy objects. And objects related to abstinence.

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