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I know I've done this before (at some point), and I've posted most of these opinions multiple times, but at this point I'll just compile them and if they trigger you, that's not on me, and all you're doing by telling me "I'm offended" (more than likely in more and different words, and maybe even in the form of an accusation like some have done) is amusing me, and attacking me is even more amusing to me, addressed to a few people I won't name. They are just opinions, that happen to not align with the mainstream and the consensus, most of which have triggered at least one person in the past  in normally quite amusing ways when I had the audacity to bring them up... 


  • 90% of Marvel movies are bad (worse because of the cringy and snowflake fandom, f***) and aren't real cinema. They're pretty much 2+ hour long cutscenes that serve no purpose to any kind of story. I have to give the first Deadpool and the first two Iron Man films props though, they are genuinely good movies. Other than that, I see very little distinguishing them from even the likes of DC's Justice League. Frankly, when Scorsese brought that up, I gained respect for him even if I felt he wasn't hard ENOUGH on the films that might just end the livelihoods of people who don't make by-the-numbers high concept trash.
  • Bethesda Softworks has only produced one good and two other not bad games in their entire span of time as a developer. Those being Fallout 4 (honestly better than Fallout 3 in every way), Skyrim (even if I don't entirely like it myself, I will concede that I see the appeal), and Fallout 3 (Even if it was contrived). They were always a bad company that never deserved the respect they had from the gaming community. And yes, I did not include Morrowind and Oblivion because both are absurdly overrated and Fable, particularly 2, is just better than either of them in every way.
  • Grand Theft Auto games are actually very boring, at least GTA 3 and 4 are. To be fair, I haven't actually played any of the other games in the series, and I have to admit that 5 looks like it could actually be fun for more than 30 minutes and San Andreas' story mode seems really good.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 is a mediocre at best game with the wonkiest platforming I've ever had the displeasure of playing with.
  • Pulp Fiction is Tarantino's worst film, and goes to show how much potential that Tarantino's style of story-telling has of going wrong. It's a convoluted mess that really wasted one of Samuel L. Jackson's best performances. 
  • Ronald Reagan is the second worst president in American History, to Woodrow Wilson. Most of what he's praised for, any president who has any place being there would have done, and wasn't monumental in ANY way. His supposed way of making peace with the Soviets? Gorbachev was on board even before Reagan said a word. His speech about the wall? It's an average speech filled with platitudes. As for what he's done wrong, he robbed from veterans so he could be the worst war criminal in American history, his presidency is responsible for pretty much EVERY problem we face today at least indirectly, and he even FUNDED Apartheid. He also funded Al-Qaeda, and therefore indirectly supported ISIS. Why should he have anyone's respect? He did nothing to deserve anything but everyone's ire.


I will edit later more than likely. I'll get to my States list soon, I promise...


Recommended Comments

1.) Super hero movies clog the cinemas, ill agree. dunno if they're bad per say, but I'm sick of them.

2.) Honestly a lot of the old love for them is from growing up playing those games. I've modded the shit out of Oblivion, so I find it fun with mods, but that may just be me.

3.) GTA has always been boring / dumb. If you don't like that attitude of randomly beating the shit out of someone / "New York" attitude, then you won't like em. (only thing worse is Saint's Row)

4.) haven't seen it, no opinion.

5.) don't care about politics, no opinion.

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