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Random Idea: Etna (Disgaea) Smash Moveset?



I had an odd idea after watching a video of somebody playing some ROM game called Card Sagas Wars where Etna was a playable character. What if she were in Smash Bros. as a sort of Disgaea rep? This is the rabbit hole my ideas led to (of course it isn't a complete look at how they would function, doesn't mention end lag, frames are just ideas, etc.):


ETNA (Disgaea)


WEIGHT- 97 (for reference, that's the same as Luigi's)

SPEED- Average (Both Ground and air)

Movement?- Double jump, no other movement options


Neutral- Etna performs a quick, long range spear jab [frame 3]. (2% handle, 5% edge)

F-Tilt- Slower version of her Neutral, more knockback [frame 5]. (3% handle, 7% edge)

Up-Tilt- Etna thrusts her spear upwards, skewering her opponent [longer hit-stun, frame 7]. (7% handle, 5% edge).

Dash- Etna thrusts her spear low to the ground, knocking enemies up a fixed distance. [frame 10]. (10%)

F-Smash- Impaler- Etna skewers hit opponents and throws them forward with her spear [longer hit-stun, comes out frame 14, charges up to frame 18]. (Uncharged- 13% handle 9% edge, Charged- 19% handle 13% edge).

Up-Smash- Etna throws a prinny slave upward, where they perform a whirl attack with their daggers before dropping down where Etna catches them (and say “DUDE!”) [can be thrown as early as frame 10, as late as frame 15] (Uncharged- 7 hits each dealing 1% on hits 1-6, 5% on hit 6, Charged- “” 1.5% “”, 7%“”).

Down Smash- Asteroid Drop- Etna throws herself upward, impaling her spear into an asteroid that explodes upon impact with the stage. [Starts up as early as frame 10 (hits on frame 20), as late as frame 18 (hits on frame 28)]. (Uncharged- 10% sour spot (handle) 20% sweet spot (explosion), Charged- 14% sour spot (handle) 28% sweet spot (explosion)).

Neutral Air- Etna spins her spear clockwise around herself (similar to Palutena’s Neutral Air, slower, comes out on frame 7). (1.5% on hits 1-3, 4.5% on hit 4, reduced knockback).

Forward Air- Etna twists her spear like a screw and propels herself forward (similar to Meta Knight’s Side Special, except less distance and less hits, comes out frame 18, increased hit stun). (Deals 1.5% on hits 1-4 edge, 5% on hit 5 edge, 2% on hits 1-4 handle, and 7% on hit 5 handle).

Back Air- Etna performs a counter-clockwise somersault with her spear, hitting enemies behind her. This attack spikes. (Comes out frame 16) (Deals 10% handle and 20% edge damage, has increased knockback).

Down Air- Plunges spear downward (Almost identical to Link’s, except no bounces, comes out on frame 15 (hitbox lasts until frame 20), deals only 12% on handle and 20% on edge).

Neutral Special- Prinny Toss- Etna throws a prinny forward on frame 18, that speeds up with distance (speed stagnates at 30 units), dealing massive damage [Prinny screams “DUDE!” upon throwing”]. (Deals 24% damage on collision, 18% damage to characters, self (9%), in blast radius).

Side Special- Beauty Beam- Etna fires a heart-shaped beam forward on frame 13, dealing tics of light damage on hit to enemies in a line front of her. (Total of 26 hits each dealing .6% damage).

Down Special- Beauty Bounce- Etna throws a prinny under her on frame 12 that she then detonates with the blunt end of her spear, dealing a light amount of self-damage and knocking her far upward. Uses jumps. (Self-Damage- 5%, enemies caught in it- 15% (significantly less KB)).


Final Smash- Dead End Chaos- Etna targets an opponent close in front of her, rallying five prinnies beside her for one final, beautiful attack where she launches nine spears at her opponent and then several prinnies, dealing 6% per spear hit and 14% per prinny detonated.


Grab- Etna grabs characters by their legs. Grab range is short, but characters that escape the grab slip (putting them in hitstun), and they get dealt 6% damage.

Up Throw- Etna squats and then throws her target upwards, hitting them with her spear on the way up. (4% damage on the initial throw, 5% damage from the spear)

Forward Throw- Similar to the way throwing works in Disgaea, Etna throws the target forward. (4% damage, huge distance for percents)

Back Throw- Etna turns around and then throws the target in the direction she’s now facing. (6% damage, goes decently far)

Down Throw- Etna slams her target into the ground beneath her. (7% damage, decent length hit stun after colliding with the ground).


... Needless to say, there's a few things here that I'm not entirely sure about that may need to be nerfed. Her neutral B is absolutely crazy, giving her what is essentially a K. Rool blunderbuss shot

but better in every possible way, having a blast radius, hitting more reliably, and it's even probably a frame or two faster. Her Back Air also has similarities to K. Rool's back air, but if you decided to

merge it with the properties of Marth's sword (in her case it's a spear). Her down smash is an absolutely insane kill move, dealing almost 30% in the sweet spot when fully charged. For reference,

the percent it would deal is about the same as a Falcon Punch. Oh and let's not forget that the added distance on her forward throw makes it really good as a kill throw. She also has a lot of hit

stun, which will help her chain a bit more. Which is good considering she's got some moves that hit like a truck (*cough cough* Asteroid Drop *cough cough*).


But she also has some downsides. Her back throw is pretty much her forward throw if it were bad, she doesn't really have any moves she can put out that quickly except her nair.

She also is going to have a big problem getting back to stage at lower percents considering her down B operates better as a vertical recovery at higher percents, and every time she recovers

vertically she deals a little damage to herself... Her grab range would likely be about 65-70px, which is not really much (roughly the grab range of Little Mac or Meta Knight). Her jab also kind of

sucks outside of jab locking, being that you'll likely only get 4% used twice after probably 5 or 6 frames (accounting for end lag, which isn't listed here yet. Just wanted to describe what kind of

moves they'd be. Frame data is kind of conjecture at this point...).


I will note her F Smash is COMPLETELY different from the ability that the name is referencing from the Disgaea games, and also this post is absurdly long. But there's a lot of moves on one

character in Smash, so that's to be expected?



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