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I Got My First Paid Day Off at Work

Misty Shadow


I actually had two pretty mediocre days at work this week. One day, I had this guy come over to me, pestering me with this uncomfortable talk about relationships and asking me if I was into "f'ing girls" when I clearly wanted him to stop. Of course, the next day, work abruptly throws me into prep for the whole day...where they had me folding and packing ladies' underwear. God has a perverse sense of humor. :fiery: Thankfully, I finally got a paid day off approved from my work in the next two weeks, so there's my silver lining. It didn't even have to be paid, since I'm not concerned about money at the moment. With all the games I could ever ask for right now, I only buy fun stuff online when I see a good deal. Speaking of which...

...I got a copy of Pokemon Emerald for just 13 dollars off of eBay recently. :LunaMCM: While it's possibly a reproduction cart, it looks brand new, works perfectly, the save battery isn't dry, and sellers on Amazon are now scalping it for well over 90 dollars (even reproduction carts are at least 30 dollars). I got my old copy of Pokemon Sapphire that my little brother lost for 21 dollars at a trade store back in the day. I am dead serious, I got a flea market deal, the kind of thing you should get on an old game like that. I used to be stuck in a shell of only buying things off Amazon back when I had this misconception of eBay as "just an auction site", thank God I know better now. :kirin:

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