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Unpopular Opinions V2, Extra Controversial Edition



Before you read: I will DELETE ANY and ALL PMs related to this, and this blog is also locked so you will not comment here. I don't want to cause a $#!+storm, because I'm QUITE positive at least 1 person is going to get offended by what I have to say. I don't care, that's your problem and not mine. Regardless if you think I'm a "marxist", "racist", or any other dumb@$$ thing, it is not your place to attack me for having opinions, likely far right or fake left reader. Though I know some of you will probably say "yes, this is what has needed to be said for a LONG time" and I more than certainly agree with that.


It's been a while. I've gotten a year or two older, a few more metaphorical grey hairs have grown on my head, and I have a few more members on my block list (by a few I mean a dozen...).  But I've been itching to release this topic again. Read the disclaimer above, because I'm not repeating it before I begin:

  1. Pro-lifers are insufferable and wrong. Yes, an opinion can be wrong, and pro-lifers are indeed wrong. Not to say that lasseiz-faire abortions are moral, because they aren't.
  2. Black Lives Matter is tackling a phantom issue. Racism isn't the cause of the disparity in QoL between whites and blacks. Classism is.
  3. Anyone who wants to fly the Confederate Flag around in a public place is expressing that they are a racist traitor, and there's no way around it.
  4. Anyone who thinks that we shouldn't increase the minimum wage is a corporate puppet. $15 an hour right now is insane, but $7.25/hr. is much more insanely low than that is high.
  5. Billionaires should not exist. That isn't to say I believe we should execute the billionaires, that is to say we need an effective wealth tax.
  6. Cancel Culture is the dumbest thing ever. HOWEVER, the far right I hear complaining about it most are the worst about cancelling people.
  7. SJWs are bad, but Anti-SJWs are far worse. Antis not only exist just to complain about SJWs, but hypocritically commit the exact same actions they have issues with SJWs doing.
  8. Islam and Christianity BOTH are religions that preach hateful intolerance and violence. Any suggestion to the contrary is laughable and revisionist.
  9. In regards to No.8, Militant atheism is also a philosophy of hateful intolerance. I believe in freedom of religion likely more strongly than most I've met.
  10. Hateful speech is still free speech. Yes, bigotry and racism angers me too, but the thing is, expressing those views verbally is covered by free speech.
  11. Tax Havens should be regulated. Anybody using them should be thrown in jail, ASAP. The wealthy that use them are not even patriotic enough to pay their f***ing low taxes.                                    (By the way, it is indeed a FACT that the rich pay a LOWER percentage in taxes than everyone else. Not fake news, corporatists).
  12. EVERY politician who takes money from special interest groups is a CRIMINAL. They should be in PRISON not CONGRESS. I can only count on ONE HAND the people that excludes.
  13. Every single president since Nixon is a WAR CRIMINAL. They've ALL fought illegal and offensive wars during their terms. Bush Jr. and Trump, though, are worse than the rest.
  14. Anybody who thinks the military doesn't IMMEDIATELY need defunding is deplorable. Yes, I mean EVERYONE.
  15. I am 100% convinced that the JFK assassination was a targeted hit done by the CIA and the Mafia working in cahoots.
  16. I find there to be validity in the 9/11 truther narrative. That being that Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney are the REAL terrorists who committed 9/11.
  17. The War on Drugs is the dumbest war (it is indeed a war) ever. Not only is it a war on a non-existent problem, it's a war that CREATES the very problem it claims to be trying to solve.
  18. Trump should be impeached, although not for the reasons Democrats want to impeach him. He is a divisive, bigoted, corrupt war criminal.
  19. On the note of no.18 however, Not EVERYTHING Trump has done was bad. He did defund the corrupt, incompetent China-shilling WHO for one.
  20. However much I agree with the left, I don't really like Bernie Sanders anymore. He is the lamest revolutionary I've ever seen. The left NEEDS a firebrand populist.
  21. Aliens are almost certainly real... However, in the lack of evidence, I will not say they've come to earth yet.
  22. At least every other negative thing I hear about AoC and the Squad is an insidious, divisive lie. Though they've disappointed me before.
  23. There are more than 2 genders. This isn't even an opinion, this is something I know for a fact. However there aren't 50+ of them, that's ridiculous.
  24. When Hillary said this she was laughably wrong, but now I can say for certain at the LEAST every other person who supports Trump is amoral.
  25. I'd more than definitely back Jesse Ventura if he ran for president. We absolutely NEED somebody like him in office right now.
  26. Anarchism, although a potentially flawed ideology, doesn't deserve nearly the misplaced hate it gets when it mostly is just telling the truth.
  27. A continuation of number 18, Trump is the single worst president in the history of the United States, no questions asked. Reagan is second to the bottom for similar reasons.
  28. Noam Chomsky is one of the very few voices of reason left in the United States, politically speaking. Most others have at least a couple of political views I find egregious.
  29. Anybody who thinks capitalism and democracy are mutually inclusive are backwards and ignorant of the facts about the evils of privatized power..
  30. Abraham Lincoln was a bad president, both a racist who didn't actually value democracy and a man who had a marked lack of respect for the US constitution.
  31. The US isn't all that distant from being a fascist state by Benito Mussolini's definition, and Trump's really brought that into quite obvious perspective.
  32. Late stage capitalism and corporatism are at the absolute least as disastrous if not significantly more so in an economic sense than Soviet style communism.


Stopping at 32 for now because I can't think of any more off the top of my head.~

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