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Man, I hate bugs



First Blog Post, yee :catface:

Today I felt like going for a walk in the park, i thought it would be nice, but it totally WASN'T :glimmer:

First thing, i was walking up the road into the entrance, for some reason there was bugs everywhere, there was a midge fly everywhere you looked, and on the road there was a beetle everywhere you looked, Do midge flies even have a sense of direction? When i walked into the park, i saw a midge going at like 80 kmph, it was spiralling absolutely everywhere, and the rest of them  would just fly up and then fall down, repeatedly :confused:

Anyway, i was taking my usual route, but then i noticed a swarm of flies in the middle of my trail, i just decided, nope this isn't happening :yeahno:

But anyway, regardless of all that, the story has a happy ending. At the end, i went to pizza hut, and then came home okay enough :catface:

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I hate insects. Yes, I know that some are important to our environment but that doesn’t mean I can’t hate them. They are absolutely terrifying creatures and if I have the opportunity to smash one, I will. 

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Such an adventure deserved a happy ending! Sounds like mother nature was excited to see you on that particular walk :ButtercupLaugh: 

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