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Why Della Duck Is Best Duck, Formerly: How I Became a Fan of the DuckTales Reboot



  1. Because @TotallyNyx said so and I can't think of a reason why I would disagree with him. :mlp_smug:


In all seriousness, if you had asked me a few months ago if I would be watching and enjoying DuckTales 2017 I would've said "Probably not." because I didn't really enjoy the first few episodes very much plus I was comparing David Tennant's performance as Scrooge McDuck to the incomparable Alan Young who had been "my"            Scrooge McDuck for what feels like forever.


I owe my DuckTales 2017 fandom to @ScaryStorm because of his DuckTales avatars and @Dark Qiviut because I probably wouldn't have given the show another

chance if it weren't for his status updates where he would post his thoughts about the latest episodes.


So, I gathered my nerve and went before The Great Muskox asking him if he thought I would this reboot of a show that I had enjoyed in the past. 

As I "stood" before his greatness, my hands sweating and knees shaking I *think* I said: "Oh, Great Muskox I have traveled a great distance to seek your advice." to which

he responded "What're you doing Sparklefan?" with a look of either respect or confusion. (I couldn't tell because the light emanating from him was in my eyes. :yeahno:)


"I have come to ask your opinion Wise One...I would've asked @TheAnimationFanatic but I think they're busy." :huh:

"ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT I WAS YOUR SECOND CHOICE!?" The muskox bellowed, fire in his eyes and on his breath. :Cozy:


"Third actually. Stormfury's not here." I blushed :twismile: "So, what're your thought's on the DuckTales reboot?" 


"Eh, it's ok," The Great Muskox shrugged "You might wanna try it if you have the time'er whatever." :mlp_maud: 


Elated I bowed to Dark Qiviut & proceeded to lay my offering of Sprite and Pop Rocks at his hooves. >_>


Fast forward a little bit and I'm (Probably) the biggest Della Duck fan on MLP Forums! ezgif-6-d078e574989d.gif.040e111fd67d12ef8dfa6a7808de7541.gif


Thank You *so* much for taking the time to read this!  :squee:


Author's Note: Parts of this may be exaggerated for comedic effect. :P


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I like that first reason. :proud:

I actually have considered watching it too, mostly because of your avatars and gifs. :P One day soon I'll give it a try.

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1 hour ago, TheAnimationFanatic said:

Who said I was busy? :please: @Sparklefan1234 In all seriousness, I love this new reboot. 


My lame joke wouldn't have worked without a reason. :twismile:


38 minutes ago, TotallyNyx said:

I like that first reason. :proud:

I actually have considered watching it too, mostly because of your avatars and gifs. :P One day soon I'll give it a try.


ezgif-6-d078e574989d.gif I'm happy to hear that I influen- inspired you to give DuckTales a try, BFFFF! :squee:/:P

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