Episode 65 - Characters Not Touching What They Order

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Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  When characters in TV and movies don't touch the food and drinks that they order.

Don't know what I'm talking about?  You do.  You just never noticed it before.  Pay attention next time you watch basically anything.  People in movies and TV constantly order food and drinks and never touch them.  Picture the following scene.  Dude comes into a restaurant to meet some other dude in some kind of drama, the dude sits down and orders a drink, the server brings it, the two dudes have an argument, then the dude tosses a bill on the table and storms out without ever touching the drink.  WHY DID YOU ORDER IT??!!

Even worse is when someone goes to a friend's house, and the host asks if they want a soda or a coffee or something, and the guest says yes, and the host gets it for them, and then the same Celestia-dammed thing: they get in an argument and the guest storms out without touching the drink.  Or maybe it's not even an argument.  Sometimes the guest just says, "I gotta run," and leaves without ever touching the freaking drink.  WHY DID YOU SAY YES IF YOU DIDN'T WANT ANY??!!!  :Cozy:  This drives me nuts.

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There are multiple reasons for this. 1, the food has been sitting cold all day and is gross. 2, there are multiple takes and they can't eat up all. 3, we need to see the charaters talking, not eating. 4, they might edit the shots out of order. The shots switch back and forth between the characters, but they film the one character for several minutes and use cuts from that. When they edit the cuts you would see the food be eaten, then whole, then eaten again, etc.

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Yeah, okay, okay.  I get it.  But how about the scenes in a friend's house when the host gets them a soda and they don't even open it?  Or they make 'em a cup of coffee and they don't even touch it and just leave immediately?  It still steams my beans.  :dry:

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