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M: Prayers for Bobby 2009 AP



Prayers for Bobby 2009 AP


She loves everything about her son ... except who he is.

Bobby Griffith was his mother's favorite son, the perfect all-American boy growing up under deeply religious influences in Walnut Creek, California. Bobby was also gay. Struggling with a conflict no one knew of, much less understood, Bobby finally came out to his family.

An intense sad and emotional rollercoaster to watch, no matter who you are. I suggest this movie to everyone, whether being LGBTQ or an ally, or an adversary of them. Yes, even if you think yourself homosexuality is wrong - the movie is pretty much taking that into account. If you intend to cite the bible against it - the movie comes prepared and will confront you the same. For that alone it might be interesting to consider.

I just felt sorry for Bobby, as written below. His mother - while you could say she was blind, it is without question she cared about him much as well, and was suffering, too. She, as well as him, have been full of conflicts.

I cannot not give this a 10 out of 10. Not because of I think absolutely everyone will agree with me. Not because of it is without any flaws whatsoever or just fun to watch. But for emotions and feelings, like helplessness, sadness and causing the unwillingness to accept the state of society after watching this. I never ever remotely cried half as much about or in a movie ever before. And I think, that alone is a huge accomplishment and worth very much.

I - and maybe you as well - will just get so many questions about this: Why isn't he allowed to be happy? And was he close to before? Why did all of this had happen to him? Why do we, as society, rob him of his fortune?

There are so many more Bobbys out there. They should feel accepted, not outcast by us. That won't help anyone and will only cause suffering.

Bobby - What has happened to you, is not your fault. It is ours.

Whoever you are - you deserve love and acceptance by others.

Rating: 10/10

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