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Users I Enjoy Joking Around With The Most



Laughter is something that I love, whether it be making someone else laugh or me laughing at my own silliness.


Nothing fills me with more joy on this forum than when I can make someone laugh because it shows (At least to me.) that they like me.  :kindness:


Anyway, here is my short list of users who I enjoy joking around with the most in no particular order:


@Treeglow Flicker  and @Shrug We all have a similar silly sense of humor. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. :ooh:/:laugh:


@ChB We have a bunch of inside jokes that never fail to make me laugh. ^_^


@Totally Nyx is a Mauderator who enjoys my jokes about "live streams" and any other craziness I might bring his way. 


@Lucky Bolt Knowing I can make you laugh by posting silly comments about your non OC avatars and your love for Matt makes me happy. :ButtercupLaugh:


@Kyoshi Making you laugh with SpongeBob/pizza/random jokes is always fun. :P


@Dark Qiviut It may be tough, but those rare moments when I see that  I've made a muskox laugh have been some of my favorite moments on the forum. :P


@Denim&Venöm Another rarity. Any time I can make you laugh is a victory in my book. :P


@Tropical Melody Making you laugh with my randomness fills me with happiness. ^_^


@Megas and @RDDash I (Still) don't know which is which but I really enjoy making you both laugh. ^_^/:mlp_smug:


@Pathfinder Deer puns. That's the joke. :nom:


@Bakugou is my Man Cheering you up if you've had a bad day (When I don't even realize it.) by making you smile or laugh fills my heart with joy. :rarity:


@Stone Cold Steve Tuna Trading Psych jokes with you makes me smile every time. ^_^


@Woohoo Whether we're trading Simpsons quotes or making other silly jokes, making you laugh is something that I always feel proud of. ^_^




Thank You SO MUCH for taking the time to read this! :D

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Recommended Comments

3 hours ago, ChB said:

I always enjoy talking to you and cracking jokes, BFFFF! :D 


I enjoy talking and cracking jokes with you, too, BFFFF! :D


2 hours ago, Stone Cold Steve Tuna said:

Thanks for always having a joke for me! I really enjoy talking to you!



I enjoy talking to you, too, BFFFF! :squee:


1 hour ago, Treeglow Flicker said:

Definitely a good thing that we share a similar sense of humor. Can't say if that's a good thing for those listening on us though. :P


Right? ^_^

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