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Ponytown Default Adventure Devlog



Sorry I haven't posted in a while Here is a Devlog. ^^

Pre Version 1.0

•Fixed the credits in stage 1 previously it credited to the wrong song which was used in the tutorial.
•Renamed the Stage 1 Executable Ponytown default adventure stage 1 instead of just default adventure stage 1 to avoid confusion.


Version 1.0
The first fix which I have officially made a version name which you can see  by pressing H and scrolling to the bottom of the help menu.
•Fixed Stage 1 not restarting when pressing R
•Added "Press R to Restart level." in the controls section in the help menu.

Version 1.01
Made the area outside of the playable area in the castle black.
Change the background music in the tutorial to Ponytown OST 07 Musicbox by John Doe. 

Version 1.02
Fixed an error where stage 2 would try to load a stage 1 file which would crash the game.
Added Stage 3
Added Throwing stars. (Unlocked at the start of Stage 3)
Changed the Help menu Controls Text.
Added a Cutscene for level 3.

(A,D) Move left and right.
W Jump.
Press Esc to exit Help
Press Esc when ingame to close game.
Press E to interact with objects.
Press R to Restart level.


(A,D) Move left and right.
(W) Jump.
(Esc While in Help) exit Help
( Esc While in game)  close game.
(E) Interact with objects.
(R) Restart level.

Version 1.03
fixed sound not looping in stage 1 and 2
Added stage 4 which has the first boss.
Added a security door minigame.
Added game settings to turn sound on or off and skip cutscenes.

Edited by Dabmanz
a new version.

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