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My Personal 2020 Retrospect

Misty Shadow


Although 2020 has been one of the worst years for the world in recent history, and I have to give my condolences to you if you had a terrible year, I do want to write a short overview of all the significant things that happened to me. 

Not too long after the year began, I got my first full-time promotion at work. I never missed a single week of work the entire year and by the middle of the year, I was slated to get a raise. I didn't get it this year because of what I already explained in an earlier blog, CiAH! cost the company I work for a fortune, but I did get incentive pay and I still have the opportunity to get it in 2021. Financially, I am in the best spot I have ever been in by far at the moment, and I am very grateful for that, as I've said before.

In regards to my personal life with my friends and family, I did have to leave one Discord server this year, but I've had no spats or blowouts with any of my e-friends, as always, and I've even started talking to more people at my work. As for family, which is normally a subject I don't like to touch on because of the rigorous upbringing I've had with my family, I've heard mostly good news about them lately to my shock. My older brother finally went back to work after months of paying his bills with borrowed money, my older sister finally seems committed to giving up drugs, and my mother is no longer an alcoholic, having given up drinking completely. 

For petty achievements, I wrote my two most positively received stories this year, and one of them even got featured on FIMFiction.net. I got pretty much every video game I wanted to get done this year done, and while I haven't worked much on my art lately, that is definitely going to change in this coming year now that I have bought myself a new computer for drawing.    

Surprisingly, a mostly good year for my personal life, I believe. I am ready for whatever hell the world will throw at me in 2021.  

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*hugs* I'm glad to hear 2020 went quite well for you! :rarity: For me, it was by no means the best year, but neither was it the worst year of my life (again, looking at things on a personal level). I hope 2021 is an even better year for you! :kindness:

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