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Firestar vs Strings (Warrior Cats vs Nomadikós)







Once a common housecat with a longing for adventure, Rusty abandoned his comfortable life to live in the wild with the wild cats known as Warriors. While not immediately gaining acceptance of his peers, he was ridiculed for his collar and viewed as a hindrance on the clan. This would change after he earned his respect in a fight with Longtail, leading to him being relinquished of his collar and by extension his old image, from then on being known as Firepaw, as his pelt resembled a brand of fire in the sunlight.


After years of being an asset to his clan, he would rise to the leader position and become known as Firestar, promising to protect and lead his clan on the right path to keeping peace within the forest.


He is commonly depicted to be lean, possessing short, ginger fur and emerald-green eyes.


https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Firestar_(Warriors) for intro




9 lives


Run about 30 MPH (maybe faster due to training as a Warrior) (faster than Usain Bolt)


Sharp claws


Sharp teeth


Reaction speed 36 m/s


Warrior training


Great sense of smell


Hunting skill


Great cat instincts and agility



Firestar is a highly skilled fighter that is great in speed and training, he is not a cat to mess with.


Princess Strings


Strings is a coyote with human intelligence and is a great warrior. Born into her pack as a daughter of the Alpha and Beta of Cryoni, she lived a pretty fair life. This all changed when Princess Myra of Dasonia formed her own pack and blocked the trade routes between Cryoni and Kakti, starting a famine in her pack. Having had enough, Strings went out to gather her friends to help defeat the new land named Myri.


Strings is a coyote, with the average height of a coyote and similar strength. She has white fur and wears a white diamond.




Sword skills


Moderate bow skill


Bite force BFQ of 88


Good claws


Human intelligence


Military battle tactics


Speed up 43 MPH




Strings is a highly skilled warrior with human intelligence.




Strings was walking in a forest when suddenly she noticed an orange cat.


Strings: “What a pretty little creature!”


At the same time, Firestar would open his jaw to take in a smell, it smelled similar to a dog… but it wasn’t the same. Maybe a wolf of some sort. When he heard the voice, he’d turn around to see Strings, who to Firestar looked to see what looked like a small wolf…


Firestar: “It talks like a twoleg,” he meowed. “I best be careful, I’m on my last life.”


The two spoke two different languages.


Strings approached the cat that stiffened up and hissed as a warning.


Firestar: “I can understand some of what it says, bu-”


When Strings got closer, Firestar would panic and scratch Strings, who instinctively started to fight back, seeing this creature as hostile. The two, both warriors in their own manner, attacked.




Strings prepared to make a swipe with her paw, but the agile cat reacted faster, lunging at the coyote’s face. Strings would shake her head around to get him off, yet, the cat was still on. The coyote would run at a tree, but when she hit, the cat had already jumped off.


This time, she tried to bite the cat with her powerful coyote jaws, but again, the cat reacted faster, jumping and scratching Strings. Knowing her swords would be fast enough, Strings ran. The cat would give pursuit, but the coyote ran faster and out of sight.


Firestar: “Where are you?”


Right when the cat said this, an arrow would come flying and miss the cat.


Firestar: “What is that thing!?”


The kitty tried to catch the scent, and he did, the coyote seemed to be up in a tree, but when he got up there, the coyote was already climbing off.


Firestar: “How did that thing climb a tree?”


The coyote ran again, outrunning that cat. The coyote was there, he could smell her. Suddenly the coyote would come running full speed and grab the surprised cat. The cat would stop moving, as if dead. But Strings knew this trick and bit down, killing the cat.




Post Analysis:


Now, while Firestar has 9 lives, I had him on his last life because… it wouldn’t matter. Strings would eventually wear down the lives or trap him somewhere.


Now, how could Strings defeat Firestar? Well, the answer is simple. Firestar would have trouble fighting a domesticated dog, and Strings is a coyote. A coyote with human intelligence and great military tactics.


Firestar’s best advantage was reaction speed and agility, and he may get Strings by surprise at first, but it would last, and Strings could easily switch tactics. Using her superior running speed. This would give Strings the time she needs to catch the cat by surprise.


Now, Firestar is a good opponent, as his size and speed would make him hard to hit with a sword, and maybe even bow if he is already running, but if Firestar is walking or sitting still taking in the scent, this would be a good change for Strings to get him with her bow, or make a surprise running attack, like she did in this scenario.


Sure, the cat could get a blinding hit with his claws, but such a move is highly unlikely for the highly trained coyote with actual military style training.


If a cat like Firestar would have trouble against a dog, what chance does he have against a coyote with human intelligence and military training?


WINNER: Princess Strings


Wanna see certain characters fight, make a comment below!


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