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Breaking News: User Emerald Heart is "Super cozy right now"

Harmonic Revelations


  In this unbelievable exclusive edition of Harmonic's Inside Scoop, we look at the biggest scandal to rattle the MLP forums for years. In a recent status update, long time user and "cute pastel pony" Emerald Heart has reported that they are feeling super cozy.

  Now I know what you're thinking: "Harmy, that's just insane. There's no way Emerald Heart is feeling cozy", and were I myself in your shoes (or horse shoes perhaps) I too would be questioning the validity of this claim. But I am no lesser reporter, and I have indeed brought photographic evidence of this shocking fact. My heart nearly stopped beating in my chest when I read this. But then, something else popped into my mind. "How do we know Emerald Heart is actually super cozy?"

  I am currently investigating with the help of local authorities to determine whether Emerald Heart is actually super cozy, or is perhaps maybe simply very or extremely cozy.

  Stay tuned for new developments as this story progresses.


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I BELIEVE IN YOU EMERALD! The manestream media don't know how cozy you are rn! 

Also radical coltists think you are saying you not cozy D: but they are crazy.

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I am more concerned about the concerning trend of people making trivial statements that require no courage to do as "honestly". I find it concerning. And honestly, that concerns me.

Maybe you can investigate whether Emerald Heart has a reason to be afraid or ashamed of admitting that they feel super cozy, or mabye even just cozy in general. Is there some unpleasant duty they are supposed to perform that they are flunking?

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