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Breaking News: User Abrony-Mouse claims to be "super hungry"

Harmonic Revelations


 Hello and welcome to another groundbreaking piece of journalism delivered to you by the one and only Harmonic Revelations. This time, we have something of a shocker. In a recent status update by renowned and world-famous user Abrony-Mouse, he has claimed that they are "honestly super hungry rn", but is the first word of that status true? Are they indeed being the honest paragon of virtue and desiring food that they claim to be? Or is this another piece of the insidious web of lies propagated by a growing group of infiltrators from another dimension posing as regular members?

  Our first piece of evidence is rather simple. Analyzing a graph of the calorie intake of Abrony-Mouse for the past week indicates that there is no abnormal lack of calorie consumption today, calling into question if they are being honest at all, as such would imply they get "super hungry" everyday. As we all know, food is a precious resource, yet Abrony-Mouse seems to have an adequate amount. That raises an interesting question; if they were truly getting hungry wouldn't they have eaten before they got to the "super" hungry stage? Perhaps being slightly hungry, moderately hungry, or even very hungry is a reasonable state to be in, but "super" hungry? I have my sincere doubts.

 It is my duty to the MLPForums to make sure that you do not fall for these insidious lies by the interdimensional invaders trying to steal control of your mind by convincing you they are hungry. Stay safe, and stay informed.


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On 1/19/2021 at 1:49 PM, Atlunaz said:


Incredible but also highly credible. This is the cutting edge reporting I know you come here for, loyal reader.

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