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So.. you all may have noticed I started posting my story in the writing forum!

Well, I'm here to announce that I changed that idea. I'm now uploading the story to Fimfiction, and the comic is going to be posted on DA instead of Webtoon!

As for a bit of info on this AU:

Long before the two sisters, Equestria was an empire. It was ruled by four alicorns, who kept everything in balance. They had ruled together, in hopes of keeping Equestria safe from outside forces. They controlled each season, and controlled the sun and moon based on how long the time should last during each day and night.

Princess Neve controlled the winter season, and guided critters to safe hibernations spots. She kept storms and blizzards at bay, protecting small villages and towns.

Princess Freya controlled the season of spring. Her magic helped new plants grow and new flowers bloom right after the winter season. She even greeted the animals after hibernation.

Princess Solana controlled the season of summer. She let the days grow longer and hotter, and gave everyone more sunlight. She even controlled bodies of water, and relocating them if needed.

Lastyl, Prince Ambrose. He controlled the autumn season and helped ponies grow their crops, and the one thing he didn't care for, was letting plants wither. He knew it was part of his job, but he didn't care for it.

After these four alicorns had mysteriously disappeared, Equestria was plunged into chaos, separating into different regions, and all types of ponies were wlays in constant arguments. Eventually, two new Princesses had stepped up due to Starswirl's request.

Eventually, after the events of FiM, Princess Twilight -who is now ruler of Equestria and still somewhat mourning the loss of her other friends- send six new friends on a quest to a strange land, assuming that somepony was in trouble, only for everyone to find out the secrets of the disappearances, and to learn a bit more about the history of Equestria nopony had known before.


I will create a form later for those who would love to have their OCs make a cameo, whether it be in a crowd, in the background of a city/village, or as a character the main characters meet along the way!


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