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Buying more ponies on DVD, physical media is better than streaming



I have now just ordered Escape from Catrina and the Original Series on DVD before they go out of print!

I encourage people to do the same, before they disappear!

I also got Japanese Transformers before it goes away as well.


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1 hour ago, SaburoDaimando said:

I actually have that on DVD as well.


Soon as I get a bigger external hard drive, I'm ripping them.

I am so glad the internet exists for this kind of thing.

Even though I will be sad when these DVDs go out of print, at least the entirety of the internet community archives these things, despite the legal implications.

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30 minutes ago, Metal Brony 42 said:

Do you like collector's edition boxes, or do you not care?

Sorta, but if they are too expensive and can't afford them, then I usually try to get the one edition before that or whatever the standard edition is.

If I could, I would buy the Friday the 13th Deluxe Edition boxset, but it is like 160 USD, too much for me at the moment.

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I got that from Shout Factory for my friend's wife, she really likes it. I buy from all over the world. The Japanese editions are expensive. I have Your Name special edition. 

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