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The Short Answer

Northern Star



The short answer to this question is: combine just about every job you can think of, from accounting to surgeon, mechanic to PR advertising, engineer to computer tech, today's farmer has to do it all. You are busy all the time and then you sit around and try, and fail, to find something to do. You are your own boss, so you are in control of your future, your days off, and your paycheck(to a point).

The "Old McDonald" type of farmer and farming, the type of farm with every type of animal, growing every type of crop, is almost gone. Times change and that type didn't want to be carried on or couldn't compete in today's market. Unless you sell everything locally, and that would be about impossible in some areas, its basically impossible to find a market for everything you would grow with that type of farm. 

I don't exactly know how to classify the "modern hobby farm/country(city) people small farms" operations as...what do you call them? As a result I can not really comment on them, we are not one.



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