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The Introduction & The Background

Northern Star



We farm and ranch around the Geographical Center of North America and as a result I can only comment on basically Great Plains/Northern Plains/Canadian Praries farming and ranching. We are on the USA side of the border, but not that terrible far from it.

We have about 3000 acres under cultivation. 

We have about 300 cow calf pairs of beef cattle, mostly of the Hereford breed. 

Our land ranges from flatter than glass to rivaling the Palouse region of Washington State. Trees only exist naturally in creeks/cricks, low places, and in strange places, such as on the side of a clay butte.

Our weather has ranged from a reading of -70 F to 125 F on our unofficial farm thermometers, neither of which included wind or humidity, so those are the actual air temperatures. We have had a year with less than 5 inches of rain to one with over 10 feet. We have had no snow to 10 feet of snow in the flat fields and much deeper and taller drifts and no place to put it. We have had 140 mile per hour winds reported near by NOT during a storm, just on a windy day. 20 MPH winds are considered a breeze here. 

We are on the dryer part of my state. Irrigation is only by the major rivers.

We grow mostly small grains/cereals and hay crops. Row crops, such as corn and soybeans, are beginning to show up as genetics improve.

We are not an organic operation. 

We are almost considered small and are small compared to the neighbors' operations of 5-50K acres and 500-15,000 head of cattle.

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