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Calving Part 1

Northern Star



Well today marks the day of "from here one should show up at random" and then in a week to two weeks, the flood gates open for two weeks or so, 10-20 a day. Every single one must be caught, tagged, and vaccinated as soon as possible as once they are awake, they are speedy, slippery, and loud things. Day old? That ain't happening. 12 hours? Nope. 6 hours? Pushing it.

I am working on how to phrase this part of this section, and how far should I go, but I figured this was worth a mention. 

0 down, ~300 to go.

We are not a dairy operation.

The calves stay on the cow until weaning at about 8-9 months, by catch I mean drive up next to them with a pickup or side by side, hurry up and jump out, tag them, give them their shot, see what they are(Bull or Heifer, Herford, Red Angus, Black Angus, or a cross), and jump back inside before the somewhat irritated cow gets too irritated at you. Usually they are too concerned with eating the after birth or cleaning the calf to care what you are doing, but some are the exact opposite and those require bringing the pickup out and dragging the calf under to tag and give its shot to it, meanwhile the cow is head butting and probably denting the pickup. Push the calf out, watch were they go, crawl out and continue on with your day.

Also since its spring, you may see some pictures to help explain some of this, or you may not. Calving and planting is a busy time.

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