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Mayor "Mare", huh?



Just now I was wondering whether she was originally intended to be named "Mayor Neighs".


Mayobe her hair color in younger years was faint yellow?

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5 hours ago, Monotonality said:

Maybe Mayor Mare is just a title?

Unlikely. The emphasis is on Mare, like with a name, not Major-Mare.

As for her hair color, I just noticed there was that gossip column in a newspaper reporting her actual hair color is pink, so the gray is dyed.

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No, her natural hair color is pink. She dyes it to look wise and distinguished.


And we all know pony parents magically name their foals after their future jobs. Don't question it, just go with it.

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13 minutes ago, Fluttershutter said:

And we all know pony parents magically name their foals after their future jobs. Don't question it, just go with it.

Then she would be Mayor Mayor, not Mayor Mare. :worry:

Her parents must be extremely unimaginative and/or expecting of their child. Her destiny according to their naming choice (if we even wanted to apply that system) was basically to survive into adulthood. :sealed:

But as a side note, the inconsistency of the system could be seen as a hint at the fact that names matter. They affect how someone is perceived and can, through that external perception, significantly shape someone's destiny. (For example, if parents named their child Uranus, they would likely doom them to a hard start into life with lots of early scarring.) :Cozy:

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As an RPer I <3 making the silly pony puns and stuff make sense as lore, as much as GOT/Star Wars enthusiasts like to explain all the silliness in that lore.

So I think that ponies don't use static identifiers the way we non-ponies do. They are a fun-loving rainbow-gazing bunch, so if Poundcake wakes up one day and decides she's an amazing cellist, gets a cello-mark and so calls herself 'Cello-mare' one day. Years later as a teen filly and tries something flowery like 'Fantasia' because she has turned her talent to that kind of music. As a mare of 18 she realises that she was Poundcake all along. Poundcake she is. 

Also yes it is just cute nonsense. I mean... it is ponies :P

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