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Feeling Very Anxious, Tired of This Work Debacle



I hate blogging about stuff like this, but I just can not believe how garbage my luck has been with work ever since I quit Macy's and it's driving me nuts. I thought I was doing the right thing after I saw that guy who was mistreated break down on the floor and start punching a pole, I thought I could get something better with all these places that are now hiring, but my luck with getting work has just been so unbelievably bad. Got laid off on my third day at Dick's, got terribly misinformed about my job at another warehouse I really don't want to name that made me resign, and waiting on this next job to contact me back is just AGONIZING. I did enjoy that job at Macy's for what it was, thought I was doing the right thing when I left it on principle alone, and now I've resolved to never quit a job purely on principle again. The system has no principles, like I've already said. I truly do believe now the world is trying to punish me for quitting that job, because NOT ONE TIME IN MY LIFE have I ever tried to stand up for principles and been rewarded. Not ever.  

Complaining about anxiety when the world is heck for everyone, I don't like. I just want to have a job again. :mellow:

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I hear people are looking for CDL drivers. That is a good license to have. Pretty much any job that requires a license.

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No, the world is not punishing you. The world is just affirming that you are a strong individual. :coco:

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Probably a good thing that you quit before something bad happened to you at Macy’s like it did that one guy.

Quitting is always risky, but there’s lots of jobs out there (good jobs) that are willing to hire people. Look around for help wanted signs or ask people for recommendations if you’re not sure where to go.

Also, you’re not wrong for standing up for your principals. Those are important to have because you don’t want to surround yourself with people that don’t share in your values. 

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Thank you all for the supportive comments. As an addendum, I will remark that I did go to a successful job interview and will be called for orientation this Friday. I'll post further details about my job once I have worked there for at least longer than a week and know for absolute certain I will not be laid off from it. I don't want to give any of you false hope. Thanks again. :fluttershy:

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