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How Do You Market Agriculture?

Northern Star



As in PR, Public Relations. Marketing, as in selling products will come later, probably when we sell something as things are constantly changing. 


This entry was inspired by a "Applejack the background character" post, which here's what I wrote and then decided it fit better here as...well...we're kinda in the same spot, how do you market your industry, your life, to a market which knows very little about modern agriculture?


The post:


Upon writing this I realized it is somewhat depressing...especially when a billion dollar TOY company can't figure out how to market your life/industry any better than it's doing currently...

Just a comment about the toys and such from 2016: how does one market farming to city people? It's not terribly exciting when you think about it, the problems we face don't exactly seem like they're that bad looking from the outside, and then there's the part about "losing the farm" which I recall was said quite a bit on the show...in 2010/11,  which...well...the recession wasn't exactly over.

How do you market someone who isn't exactly special or extraordinary or has troubles when compared to the rest of the line? How do you market someone who's real life counterpart is...well always in the background.  Your market probably knows "Old McDonald had a farm"(and probably halfway thinks that they started McDonald's, the restaurant) so how do you stay within a nursery rhyme? How do you market someone who likes to work, in a job that looks fairly boring and repetitive...and compete in a work based competition, never mind whenever the upper end of your market will inevitably Google the term you call that event and see something that looks...cruel, how do you sell that?

You're not Ertl(massive Agricultural toy maker) who has their products, which basically have no age target, 1 to 110 year olds will buy them due to their connection with the market, in the places which your market will traverse fairly regularly(Ag equipment dealers, Ag supply stores, and Feed stores). You have toy stores in the cities, you probably won't even catch the agricultural/country people crowd.

I mean I'm still surprised they had her AND an entire family AND mentioned fairly regularly in the show.  I mean look at other shows on now or on back then, they're basically devoid of anything rural.

And well what is being done to answer that? Well you're reading part of it, a bored farmer-rancher-custom operator's ramblings wrote at 3:30 in the morning. 

There's a couple big YouTube channels which...are doing something, I haven't been able to tell if it's for better or worse though, and then you have thousands of little YouTube channels, which kinda sit at the same spot as the big channels. 

Then there's the food companies which still advertise the "old McDonald" farms, for better or for worse.

Then on the other side you have "have you or a loved one been exposed to Glyphosate/RoundUp/Paraquat" commercials and animal rights groups staging incidents(no one wears a ski mask in July let's be real here), along with people seeing the budget for the farm bill and shouting it from the roof tops without reading it, along with prominent members of government making laws and statements that basically all farmers agree  are wrong.

(In the USA) You also have the national Farm Bureau, which does an ok job with events and education and such and the you have the National Farmers Union...which no one knows what side they're on, then again look at their initials.

So...yeah. Perhaps one day we'll organize and have a united PR front. Either way how do you market modern agriculture, or even the agriculture of 100 years ago, to the modern public today?

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