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Episode 79 - Slow Motion Fails & Funnies




Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  Slow motion in funny fail type videos, particularly physical humor like bicycle crashes or the like.  Slow motion is awesome in certain contexts.  It makes the mundane look epic and amazing, but it also completely kills humor.  Physical humor relies on timing, sudden events, and expectation of physics in realtime, not to mention normal sound.  Reducing a bicycle or skateboard crash to super slow mo destroys all comedic effect.  (Well, for me, at least.)  I mean, it might be entertaining or interesting, but it isn't funny.  When the goal is to make the viewer laugh, then slow motion shouldn't be used.  I absolutely hate it when a Fail Army compilation inserts slow motion constantly.  If they want to do a slow mo compilation, then do the whole thing that way and label it so I can avoid it.  I hate it when a clip is shaping up to be funny, and then it suddenly drops to slow mo.  It kills it.  When will people learn?  Slow motion isn't funny!

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Slow motion is funny in some cases (at least for me). Sometimes the real-time speed event happens too fast and it's impossible to see the persons reaction etc, while it is properly visible in slow motion.

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This is so on point. Slow motion for the effect of comedy absolutely doesn't work on ""fail"" videos, because most of those videos, it is the sudden nature of what happens that makes it hit people's funny bone, often a shock style humor. Putting that stuff in slow motion creates anticipation which ruins the effect. These types of videos in general are not for me either way, but this does make me think about why they work and why slow motion doesn't alongside them. 

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