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Bad News, Good News



I have been working again for a while, in case you didn't know from at least one status I made. While I can finally guarantee that my job is secure, it's not all sugar and rainbows. I did unfortunately have to go back to Macy's, HOWEVER, I do honestly feel I should give the job another chance. Not only did the other jobs I tried going to treat me worse, they have made changes to their policies lately and I learned that what happened that night I decided to leave wasn't what I thought. I talked more to that man with the medical condition and found out I did have some things wrong, since his mental cognition is suffering (thus why he broke down) and he didn't explain everything clearly. He does have a brain tumor, but a benign one. The company also understands his condition and if he did have cancer, he would definitely have the option to submit a leave of absence. He's even friends with some of the supervisors and refers people to the company for cash. He has gotten burned out, but he's sticking with Macy's because there's no easier way for him right now to make money with his benefits. I'm mad at myself now because I DID HAVE A FEELING THERE WAS MORE TO THE STORY, THERE ALWAYS IS, but I didn't understand at the time just how bad this labor crisis was with how every job right now is proving my point that the system has no principles.

The good news is that at least I can work in good conscience with my principles now. Not everything's peachy because I do have to start part-time again, but they did give me my 401K plan option back in addition to every benefit I had when I was full-time. I also got the news tonight that my pay's been raised to $18 an hour, so even with part-time work, I don't have to worry too much about money before it starts getting busy again. I'm just glad to be in a better position than an MLP artist/writer I really respect called EnigmaDoodles. She's in the same position I was in Tucson years ago, stuck in a place with a terrible job market and digging into her savings to help out her pets. I felt really bad for her, so I sent her some donations and she's been very thankful for them. She even talked to me on Discord today and I was very pleased to see that she's just as nice in private as she is in public. She even told me that the donations have motivated her to get back into writing more, so I definitely feel some sense of fulfillment. 

Obviously, there's still the bad news, and I did have to pay a lot of money this month for repairs to my car, not counting money for insurance next month. However, I am glad for the good news and hope people understand my situation. I am not trying to sweep everything my company's upper management does under the rug, just acknowledging that this is unfortunately the way things are. :maud:

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