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"Mare Do Well"? ... I got a batter name!




This would definitely be Pinkie Pie under that disguise.

Also, I imagine this character as a Spanish mascateer.


Pinkie scriptum:


I tried many ingredients (cocoa, cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint, molasses, sucrose, erythritol), but none improved on the pure taste and worked together so well as (high-quality) honey! (Doesn't even need much of it. Remember that it's quick sugars!)
Still gotta try proper vanilla aroma (I bought an utter failure one - Ostmann in canola oil base) and frustratingly forgot to try mayonnaise. ... Now I'll have to get another cup just for that. :laugh:

(BTW, in case you never tried it: Pure mascarpone tastes like unwhipped cream. And adding sugar only makes it sweeter, but I find it sufficiently sweet just with the lactose.)

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