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Episode 85 - Packaging That Ruins the Product




Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  Packaging that damaging the freakin' product.  I just bought a brand new PS4 game at Game Stop (new as in not pre-owned).  The case had one of those clear stickers over the side that opens.  You know how they always do that, to seal it and lock it closed until you get it home and peel the sticker off, y'know?  Well, I peeled the sticker off and it left this horrendous, thick, sticky, gummy crap all over the case!  This time I was able to clean it off reasonably well, but sometimes I'm not so lucky.  Sometimes residues like that don't come off very well, and the case is ruined.  Your beautiful, pristine new game is marred by this horrible gummy residue.  Why the f*ck ass sh*t do they have to make it like that?!  How hard is it to make a sticker that doesn't leave that crap behind?!

That's just one little example, but there's so many instances of horrible, overly heavy packaging that leaves the product scarred, marred, scuffed and damaged by the time you manage to cut, pry, and scrape it all off.  I HATE difficult to open packaging that damages the product.

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