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Woohoo Watches: Hey Arnold Season 1




Pip pip da doodly doo, Woohoo here with... it's be how long since I've done a blog?! Wow, I've been really uninspired this past year. Thankfully, I've finally gained the inspiration to make a new entry. Now that I'm done rambling, let's begin.

Years ago, when I used to be a Brony, I used to make review blogs of every season of My Litle Pony: Friendship is Magic. However, I never completed the project as my interest in the show tanked after season 8. Those entries have since been deleted. Fast forward to 2021 and I've been wanting to do another season review series. But with what show? It didn't take long to find one. This year is the 25th anniversary of a show that I fondly remembered as a kid.

And that show is...

Movies and Chill — 90s90s90s: nickelodeonplease: Nickelodeon...

Yep, Hey Arnold! The slice of life Nicktoon created by Craig Bartlett about a football-headed boy and his daily misadventures in the city. Man, my nostalgia is exploding right now. Anyways, much like my old now deleted MLP: FIM season reviews (for those who actually remembered them), I'm gonna rewatch every episode of this blog's season, rate them, and finish it out with my final thought and a pie chart (much like PieGuyRulz when he used to review SpongeBob's seasons.) Now let me show the ratings I'll be using...

  • Bold - An episode that I enjoyed all the way through with little to no issues. It's a reference to Gerald often calling Arnold a "bold kid."
  • Good - An episode that I still enjoyed but I felt had some issues or it wasn't that memorable.
  • Meh An episode that I didn't find either great or terrible, just mediocre.
  • Bad - An episode that I had major gripes with, but it got a little enjoyment.
  • Raspberry - An episode that I absolutely despise. It's a reference to Grandpa Phil complaining how raspberries give him diarrhea.

You might also notice these symbols...

  • - Indicates the episode is a special, whether 22 or 45 minutes.
  • - Indicates the episode was aired much later than the original season it was produced in. A lot of these episode had this happen. (WTF, Nick?)

I'll be starting of Season 1 because that's where the show starts, which originally aired from October 7, 1996, to February 12, 1997. (Though some episodes weren't aired until S2 and even 3.) There are 26 episodes consisting of 48 11-minute segments and 2 22-minute specials. One more thing, the episodes will be listed in the original production order instead of airing order (mostly because of Nick's nonsensical airing.)

Can the first season of Hey Arnold hold up? Could my own nostalgia blind me? Brace yourselves, we're going in!


1a. Downtown as Fruits: Bold | 1b. Eugene's Bike: Bold

2a. The Little Pink Book: Bold | 2b. Field Trip: Bold

3a. Arnold's Hat: Bold | 3b. Stoop Kid: Bold

4a. Helga's Makeover: Bold | 4b. The Old Building: Bold

5a. 6th Grade Girls: Good | 5b. The Baseball: Bold

6a. Heat: Bold | 6b. Snow: Bold

7a. Operation Ruthless: Bold | 7b. The Vacant Lot: Bold

8a. The List: Good | 8b. Haunted Train: Bold

9a. Mugged: Bold | 9b. Roughin' It: Bold

10a. Door #16: Meh | 10b. Arnold as Cupid: Meh

11a. Benchwarmer: Good | 11b. Cool Jerk: Meh

12a. Das Subway: Bold | 12b. Wheezin' Ed: Good

13a. Tutoring Torvald: Bold | 13b. Gerald Comes Over: Bold

14a. Spelling Bee: Bold | 14b. Pigeon Man: Bold

15a. Olga Comes Home: Good | 15b. Sally's Comet: Bold

16a. Abner Come Home: Good | 16b. The Sewer King: Meh

17a. False Alarm: Bold | 17b. World Records: Meh

18a. Magic Show: Bold | 18b. 24 Hours to Live: Bold

19a.* Part Time Friends: Bold | 19b.* Runaway Float: Good

20s. Arnold's Christmas: Bold

21a.* Helga's Boyfriend: Meh | 21b.* Crush on Teacher: Bad

22a.* Hall Monitor: Bold | 22b*. Harold's Bar Mitzvah: Bold

23a.* Coach Wittenberg: Good | 23b.* Four-Eyed Jack: Bold

24a.* Tour de Pond: Good | 24b.* Teachers Strike: Bold

25s. Arnold's Valentine: Good

26a.* Biosquare: Meh | 26b.* Partners: Meh

...And that was every episode of Hey Arnold Season 1 reviewed. Now let's look at the chart.


Wow... just wow. Look at all that blue! To say that the first season has held up well would be a massive understatement. Trust me, I wasn't blinded my nostalgia. Normally with any show's first season, there's a lot of growing pains... I guess not. I do have one "critique" and it's the animation. It's quite rough and inconsistent, especially since the season was produced by two different studios, but I think it does have a charm here. S1 did a stellar job in establishing the setting and the characters. However, this also kind of worries me a little. Since the first season scored so high, I fear the later seasons won't be nearly as good... but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

For this season's rating, it's quite obvious that Hey Arnold Season 1 is definitely a BOLD Season.

Now for my Top 5 Episodes. Aside from my number one, it was really hard pick since there were so many great episodes...

  1. Haunted Train
  2. Pigeon Man
  3. Arnold's Christmas
  4. Tutoring Torvald
  5. Operation Ruthless

Now for my "Bottom" 5 Episodes. I put "bottom" in quotes because, aside from my number one, the episodes here just meh...

  1. Crush on Teacher
  2. Arnold as Cupid
  3. Biosquare
  4. Cool Jerk
  5. Helga's Boyfriend

That concludes my review of Hey Arnold Season 1. At the time of this blog's release, I have already watched all of Hey Arnold Season 2 and I just need to type out the upcoming blog. This is Woohoo signing off... or is it out? What's the difference?!

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Recommended Comments

"Roughin' It" is my favorite episode from Hey Arnold's first season. Big Bob's RV always made me think of Pete's RV from "A Goofy Movie". 










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4 hours ago, Woohoo said:

@Sparklefan1234  What would be the other episodes in your Top 5?



  1.  Roughin' It: I enjoy camping episodes. 
  2. The List: Perfect for weekend nostalgia.
  3. Arnold's Christmas: Classic
  4. Sally's Comet: Sweet episode with an awesome ending. 
  5. Teachers Strike: I just really like this one.



  1. Cool Jerk/Mugged: I hate episodes where characters are mean.
  2. Pigeon Man: One of those episodes I *should* like but I think is boring. 
  3. Crush on Teacher: Ugh! *Shudders*
  4. The Sewer King: I think this episode is boring and pointless.
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4 hours ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

3. Crush on Teacher: Ugh! *Shudders*

Glad I'm not the only one. Even as a kid, I've always hated the "kid crushing on an adult" trope. :eww: No wonder I never shipped Sparity.

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30 minutes ago, Woohoo said:

Glad I'm not the only one. Even as a kid, I've always hated the "kid crushing on an adult" trope. :eww: No wonder I never shipped Sparity.


I also hate the "Two dates on the same night." trope from Arnold's Valentine but I just ignore that episode which, is why I didn't include it. :yeahno:

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40 minutes ago, Sparklefan1234 said:


I also hate the "Two dates on the same night." trope from Arnold's Valentine but I just ignore that episode which, is why I didn't include it. :yeahno:

While I enjoyed "Arnold's Valentine," it wasn't as memorable as I remembered. Also, the ending was confusing with Gerald ending up with the real Cecile. :blink:

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