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Atlanta Braves win the World Series for the first time for over 20 years, victory over Astros in 6 games




The Atlanta Braves have done it to win the World Series title for the first time since 1995 with a Game 6 win with an overwhelming 7 to nothing lead against Astros. That's 26 years already for Atlanta, over 20 years. The Houston Astros unfortunately lost the World Series for the second time, but that's okay, it's been a great and overwhelming baseball season so far. I wish that Carlos Correa (Astros shortstop, #1) is still part of the Astros after this baseball season, which he'd be a free-agent in MLB offseason.

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Which means Scootaloo can come out from hiding under a rock, wearing Atlanta Braves:Daydreaming: gear, scream :mlp_icwudt:happy-crazy (from the Parental Glidance episode) listen to Braves music:kirin: and jam to rock:yay:  Collective Soul is a fine choice for herB)  Being the Braves took playing games down in Houston:sealed: seriously, unlike the Atlanta Falcons:awwthanks:  Nightmare Moon:ithastolookpretty: is the pony who should be afraid now:ph3ar:  

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