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Episode 86 - Baby "Yoda"




Mandalorian spoiler warning, obviously.

Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  This baby "Yoda" thing.  Okay, I get why people called him that for a brief time, but even early on it was pretty frigging obvious that it wasn't Yoda.  Y'know.... because it wasn't NINE HUNDRED YEARS IN THE PAST.  I mean, for one episode I briefly wondered if that could have been the case, but it would be pretty suspicious for all technology to be completely unchanged for a millennium.  But by the end of the first episode they had already mentioned the fall of the empire, and by like, episode 3 or whatever they had already mentioned specific events from Return of the Jedi.  The point being, WE KNOW IT'S NOT YODA!!!!

Why have people persisted in calling him that, long after we learned who he is?!  And don't tell me it's out of courtesy to avoid spoiling the reveal for others.  I'm not buying that.  Every single picture and video out there calls him Yoda.  Every single one.  Even brand new ones.  It's ridiculous.



It's almost as if the first name we give something sticks forever no matter how inaccurate it is...



Whoops!  Forget you saw that.  Could be construed as... *whispers*... controversial!


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You have to blame Star Wars (Disney or whoever) itself for this. They knew everyone would see "Yoda." Star Wars is a one trick pony, and every one of its movies uses someone from the original series.

Prequel movies: Uses Darth Vader and Obi Wan. Sure, he was Anikan Skywalker, but nobody cares about that. We only care that he will be Darth Vader.

Rogue One: A good movie, but just an extension of the first movie.

Solo: Has to be a back story of an existing character. By the way, it would have been much better if Han had given himself the name. "I'm by myself, I'm solo."

Disney trilogy: Was basically a retelling of the same story. Had to have Leia, Luke, Solo, Lando, and the droids. Can't rely on new characters.

Star Wars can only tell one story, even if it's a good one. It's like they can't have a movie or show that doesn't have something to do with the original trilogy. And we can't forget the toys. We know every character design has merchandising in mind. Kids want to buy a "baby Yoda," not a whatever his name is (I haven't seen the show). They wouldn't have made him a new alien. I predict that we will see a "baby Chewbacca," or a "baby R2D2."

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