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Woohoo Watches: Hey Arnold Season 4




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And his name is John-- I mean Woohoo here continuing my project of rewatching and reviewing every episode of Hey Arnold. We're getting close to the end, folks. After finishing Season 3 did I start Season 4, which originally aired from March 1999 to June 2000 (mostly due to a few holdouts airing in S5.) Much like Season 3, S4 has 20 episodes but broken down to 32 11-minute segments and 4 22-minute specials. Also during this season and the next one, the animation was changed to being digitally painted (much like a lot of shows during the late '90s-early '00s.)

As with my last entries, I will be rating the episodes either... Wait, you should know the rating system by now! Sheesh! For many fans, S4 is viewed as the "worst" season of the show so I myself have some low expectations. Will S4 be as bad as most people make it out to be? Let's jump right in...


61a. Eugene's Birthday: Meh | 61b. Stinky's Pumpkin: Good

62a. Dinner for Four: Meh | 62b. Phoebe Skips: Bad

63a. Full Moon: Raspberry | 63b. Student Teacher: Raspberry

64a. Big Gino: Bad | 64b. Jamie O in Love: Meh

65a. The Beeper Queen: Bold | 65b. Oskar Can't Read?: Good

66a. Headless Cabbie: Bold | 66b. Friday the 13th: Meh

67a. Helga's Parrot: Good | 67b. Chocolate TurtlesBad

68a. Love and Cheese: Raspberry | 68b. Weighing Harold: Bold

69a. It Girl: Good | 69b. Deconstructing Arnold:  Bad

70a. Grudge Match: Bold | 70b. Polishing Rhonda: Bold

71s. Veterans Day: Bold

72a. Back to School: Meh | 72b. Egg Story: Bad

73a. Weird Cousin: Bad | 73b. Baby Oskar: Raspberry

74a. Helga Sleepwalks: Good | 74b. Fighting Families: Good

75a.* Monkeyman!: Meh | 75b.* Buses, Bikes, and Subways: Bold

76a. Grandpa's Sister: Good | 76b. Synchronized Swimming: Good 

77a.* Helga's Masquerade: Meh | 77b.* Mr. Green Runs: Bold

78s. Helga on the Couch: Bold

79s. Dino Checks Out: Bold

80s.* Summer Love: Bold

...And that was every episode of Hey Arnold Season 4. Bring up the chart!


*sigh... again* Oh have the mighty have fallen... maybe that's a stretch. Season 4 is definitely a very... mixed season. While half of the season was made up of Bold and Good episodes, over a quarter of the season made of Bad and a whopping FOUR Raspberry episodes, more than S2 and S3 combined! Also, during this season is when the show's formula starts getting a little stale. Hell, a few episodes were just rehashes of ones in previous seasons, a practice that some shows do that I absolute hate (though it's not as bad here as in MLP's later seasons.) Now with the negative stuff aside, Season 4 produced quite a few fantastic episodes, including four stellar specials. 

Now for S4's rating. I've pondered about this for a bit and, even though the Bold and Good just barely outnumber the rest, the four Raspberry episodes unfortunately give Season 4 a rating of a MEH season.

Onto my Top 5 for this season. I really didn't want to have all the specials take up nearly every slow so I tried really hard to diversify...

  1.  Helga on the Couch
  2.  Veterans Day
  3.  Headless Cabbie
  4.  Buses, Bikes, and Subways
  5.  Grudge Match

Now for the Bottom 5, which was much easier as nearly every entry was a Raspberry episode...

  1.  Student Teacher
  2.  Full Moon
  3.  Baby Oskar
  4.  Love and Cheese
  5.  Egg Story

That pretty much wraps up my review of Hey Arnold Season 4. I can't believe I'm almost to the end. If you're wondering about my rewatch progress, I am almost finished with Season 5 and already watched the 2002 theatrical film. This is Woohoo... doing something involving exiting. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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My least favorites are Oskar's episodes and Chocolate Turtles and I don't have a FAVORITE episode for season 4 or season 5 like I did with the first three

seasons but I do have episodes I like to rewatch a lot:

  • Buses, Bikes, and Subways: For the "WrestleMania" references. 
  • Headless Cabbie: Great for Halloween. 
  • Back to School: Good for Phil for going back to school and proving to himself that he could accomplish his goal. 
  • Helga on the Couch: Great glimpse into Helga's reasons for being who she is. 


I don't like "Chocolate Turtles" because I don't like Gerald's little sister, Timberly.  

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Every season I find myself enjoying Grandpa Phil episodes more and more, he's arguably my favorite character in the show

Honestly a good chunk of bad and Rhaspberry episodes here I wasn't too bothered by

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First thing to say, "Sid, you are such a popsicle stick":glimmer:  

Second, the "Full Moon" episode, for the first time on the show, we see boy butts:mlp_icwudt:  The stuff Principle Wartz says is hilarious:orly:  

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