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37 facts about me

Sunny Man and Izzy Man



Why 37? I turn 37 in 13th October.



1. Likes ladies who does headstand.

2. Obessive with Koalas.

3. Harry (the lizard) is my favourite character from Death in Paradise (One of my favourite tv shows).

4. Obessive with Filipino Jeepneys.

5. Sir Winston Churchill is my favourite Brit and historic figure.

6. In the Sims 4, mostly played myself.

7. Not Lift, Right or Centre, maybe centrer-right.

8. I’m Tommy Robinson supporter.

9. Hates Antifa, BLM, Patriotic Alterltive, National Front, British National Party, British Freedom Party, Hope not Hate, Social Worker’s party.

10. Hates Bidan.

11. Lost Job cos of Covid-19.

12. Wouldn’t mind dating a trangender woman, if they look woman. Some don’t change their look, body and etc, just change their gender.

13. My Little Pony A New Generation is my favourite Netflix show/movie.

14. Izzy and Sunny is my favourite from that show/movie.

15. Like Pork Chops.

16. Called racist by a  lefty ***** cos I had an anti-EU badge (I bought in from London near Big Ben). 

17. Hate Leftists more than far-right cos I believe they cause more trouble.

18. Lost interest in Italy after Euro 2020 final.

19. Italian Captain who scream at camera are his hated player along with other Italians.

20. Ozzy (one of my cats) like to go to my room and my mum’s room. Never to my brother’s.

21. Love and hate relationship with football (soccer).

22. Hate what been happen to Manchester United and what going on in Premier League.

23. Liberty Bell is my favourite piece of America.

24. Like Cloud Gate in Chicago but dislike the mayor.

25. Dr Kehinde Andrews is the worst human in the world, so much negative toward England like English flag and label anything English racist. P****.

26. Gunmen (Gurren Lagann) are my favourite (anime) mecha.

27. Likes toys, never too old for toys, cartoons and superheroes.

28. Jack O’ Lantern make me feel good about Halloween and worse mischief of Trick or treaters, even hardly any. But never know.

29. Christmas trees make me feel good about Christmas, Kevin the Carrot come second. Worst Slient Night, and can’t stand presents.

30. Member of For Britain Movement (Political Party).

31. Not fond of The Queen and hate The Royal Famliy and Monchary.

32. Like to write alot- include about myself, lists, etc.

33. Hatsune Miku is my no.1 wafiu.

34. Still Manchester United fan and be forever no matter what happen. Just what been happen just frusrated.

35. Groudkeeper Willy and Comic Book Guy are my favourite Simpsons characters.

36. Hates Famliy Guy, American Dad and Legend of Korra.

37. Guardian Lions, Loong (Dragons) and it’s foods it only things I like from China.

Edited by Sunny Man and Izzy Man
facts about me

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