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My Personal 2021 Retrospect



“I’m prepared for whatever hell the world will throw at me in 2021.”

Well, I’m glad I was prepared, since this year, in my honest and humble opinion, was even worse for the world than 2020. However, for my personal life, it honestly wasn’t a major downgrade.

There were downgrades, of course, the most notable one, no surprise if you keep up with my status updates and blogs, being work this year. The labor crisis and the inflation crisis combined really screwed with my job this year, just like it did for a lot of people. I stupidly tried to quit my job out of principle to move on to something with better pay after a misunderstanding in spring, then had to get my old job back after two new jobs I tried didn’t work out. Thankfully, getting my old job back went very smoothly, and even though I wasn’t able to work as much this year, I still made enough money to surpass my savings goal. It was a low savings goal of four grand, but this year still managed to be my second most profitable, even as it paled in comparison to last.

For relationships with my family and friends, I encountered no major issues with my relatives and no issues at all with my friends this year. My older brother’s been unfortunately getting more distant, but when I got to see my older sister for Thanksgiving, I was immensely elated to see that she really has turned her life around like I’ve been told, at least mostly. I was a bit worried about my little brother at the end of the year when I heard he was coming down with an illness, but he quickly recovered from it, and soon after that, I got to go on vacation to Las Vegas for the second time this year. I will also always remember this year as the year I made friends with one of my favorite artists in the MLP fandom known as EnigmaDoodles.

For petty achievements, I got ten games done this year, some of those being very long and very hard. Absolute shame Dark Souls II had to kill my save file right at the end of the year, but no way am I giving up on that. For my art, I felt I made some more noticeable improvements with my art this year and made my most viewed digitally drawn MLP picture. For my writing, I finished my most popular story of all time, wrote another story that was nowhere near as viewed, but well-received, and will always hold a special place in my heart for how I was able to get EnigmaDoodles to do the art for it in addition to giving me writing pointers, and wrote a fan theory that far surpassed my projections in viewership, getting more than triple the hits of the one preceding it. Enigma was impressed with it too.

Fairly adequate year for me I believe, despite the miring of my work and moderate miring of my family relationships, discounting the improvement with my sister. Absolutely awful for the world, again, however. I truly do hope 2022 does something to finally break the mold of this dark age. Still prepped for hell though, I wish you all the best. 

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I am definitely glad that you were prepared and I am right there with you in agreement on 2021 and the future out look. I stand beside you in what capacity that I am able to for 2022 and beyond. In these times we need loyal and dependable people. I hope I can be one of them.

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