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Episode 90 - Nevermind




Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  When someone posts a question on some tech forum, and then the OP replies and says, "Nevermind.  Figured it out," but they don't say how.  C'mon, man!  Don't you realize that there are other people who haven't figured it out?!  Don't realize that other people google the same problem and click on your thread hoping for the solution?  It's so frustrating when you're desperately trying to solve a computing problem, and you find someone with the answer but you're still no closer.  To be so close and so far away is maddening, especially when it's a real niche problem that not many people talk about.  I've had lots of those, where there's only one thread on the entire internet about my specific problem, and the poster says they solved it, nothing else, and then they disappear forever.  :Cozy:

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