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Lots of Good News Lately! Got My PS5 and Another Work Award!



A lot of you probably saw from my status updates that I finally got a PS5! :fluttershy: When I told my friend from Puerto Rico in a Discord chat today, he literally couldn't believe it. Here are the pictures in case you missed the status updates. 


Admittedly, I did have to get it for $670 instead of $500 on eBay, but it was by far the best deal I had seen after keeping an eye on it for months. Something else good you might have seen from a status update yesterday was my work ditching a verification/test program they would've implemented because of the OSHA mandate that's now been retracted, but that's not the only good work-related news I have to share. I also won another award! :squee:



The first award I got was back in late 2019. I was also recommended for one the year after, but things were weird then when the epidemic everyone knows hit, and the year after that was when I tried to move on to another job. But this year, I finally got myself another! :yay:

Also, the friend I mentioned earlier told me something really cool about a site I used to go on. I can't go into explicit detail, but it looks like I'm finally going to get some closure about something from the past after all these years. It's truly shocking how I've been hit with all this good news after something actually pretty bad happened to me not too long ago. Someone who I thought cared about me abruptly blocked/unfollowed/unfriended me from every site we were both on without any explanation. Thankfully, I was able to get a friend of his to agree to talk to him, so it really hasn't put much of a damper on the good stuff. I'm still happy about everything else right now regardless! :kirin:

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