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Food Shortages

Northern Star



Following up on a certain someone proclaiming this, no there is not. There is a virtually 0 chance of an actual shortage in North America. Man made shortages(ex: people hoarding, strikes stopping supplies, etc) yes, but actual "there isn't enough food on the continent" no. Even the USDA can back it up, even with their questionable numbers.

Prices, adjusted for inflation, are still crap, which signals there is plenty. Meats especially with plants being built and expanding and it's due to them being backed up with supply, and the big companies realizing that "buy local" has actually gained ground and is a threat to them, as shown by basically every non "big" company butcher or packing plant being backed up well into 2023 and sometimes 2024.

Prices went up due to inflation, not because "farmers got greedy" or "had to raise prices" as we can't raise our prices, everything we sell is bid on by the buyer, either traditional auction style or in the way of buyers offering to buy x amount of x quality product at x price.

So about all the proclamation did was probably create a shortage, just like toilet paper.

Shortage in Europe, Africa, Asia, is unknown due to the war. Asia probably not as some to most come from the Americas, Europe, depends on the war, but will probably have to import more than usual from the currently over full Americas, and Africa I honestly don't know as that is always a mess, economics wise.

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