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Episode 104 - The Halo Show



Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  This Paramount+ tv show abomination that they actually have the audacity to call "Halo".

I'm an olde school Halo fan from way back.  The Bungie-made Halos are some of my favorite games of all time, and one my favorite game stories.  Huge fan of the original books as well.  A real purist.  The fact that this vile, heinous anathema actually bears the name "Halo" is despicable treachery.  I'm not going to write an essay dissecting everything that's wrong with it because I simply don't care enough to waste my time.  Suffice it to say that the creators of this show obviously didn't read the books, didn't play the games, and don't give a sh*t about either.  The similarities between the show and the games/books stop with the name.

What I don't understand is why so many companies insist on desecrating beloved franchises like this.  Another great example is Disney throwing out 30+ years of expanded Star Wars universe books in order to do whatever the hell they wanted with the sequel trilogy.  Why do companies do this?!  What's even in it for them?!  Do they think it will sell better to completely dismantle, destroy, and burn down all of the established lore of a beloved franchise?  I mean... just... WHY??!!  Let's play make believe for a moment and suppose that Disney had held true to all the Star Wars books and just based the movies on those.  And then let's suppose that they based the Halo show on the books as well.  Would that have been such a catastrophe?  Or do you suppose that fans would have rejoiced in the faithful, loyal adherence to the source material?  I don't think that any franchise in history has ever suffered by being too true to source material.  Why do companies think it's a good idea to just throw the source material in a blender?  I don't f*cking get it:dry:

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Sorry. I heard it would suck so no surprise.

I've never played the game but I've read a couple of books and it seems like an interesting universe.

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