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Episode 102 - Cartoon Crying




Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  When cartoons characters cry projectile tears.   ...Huh, didn't really mean to make a rhyme there.  :ButtercupLaugh:

I hate it when cartoon characters are crying and they shoot out massive arcing waterfalls that flood the room and then the other characters go by in a rowboat with raincoats and umbrellas.  Now, I'm not at all averse to a slapstick show if that's show's entire foundation such as Rocko's Modern Life, but I'm talking about when they do it in show that takes itself fairly seriously and it ruins a scene that should be emotional.  I was never a fan of the waterfall crying in Pony.  I never found it to be humorous, and it just makes me not care about why they're upset because it's so silly looking.  I much prefer the realistic crying any day of the week.

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That's the idea - the character is either very prone to crying for no reason or is faking it. Such a scene is supposed to be funny, not sad.

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BAH!  HARRUMPH I SAY!  I think that the projectile tears have spoiled many a scene which, in my humble opinion, should have been sad, not funny.  (And I'm speaking for all cartoons here, not just FIM.)  Plus, for me, the projectile tears just never landed as a joke.  Never found it funny.

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I think it's meant to "cut through the treacle" and add some levity to a sad scene but yeah, they should sometimes just go for the emotion and let it be.

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Pinkie Pie is the silly, "cartoony" pony of the group so it makes a bit more sense if you look at it that way. 

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