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Episode 108 - Youtube Shorts




Oh, sweet Celestia does this one piss me off...  :okiedokieloki:

Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  Youtube shorts.  If I wanted Tik Tok, then I'd go to f*ckin' Tik Tok.  I go to youtube because I want f*ckin' youtube.

Why are there no Celestia-damned controls?  Why is there no seeker bar?  Why can't I scrub through the video?  Okay, I really want to know just one thing.  Somebody please explain this to me.  Why is there no volume??  I can only mute it.  It's on or off.  Why is there no slider?!  Why can't I turn the volume up and down?!  WHAT F*CKING TREACHERY IS THIS??!!






Now, I found a cool trick to get around this.  In the address bar of a short, replace "short/" with "watch?v=" and it will convert the short back into a normal youtube video.  Voila.  Manually edit a url just to have normal controls.  OMFG:dry:

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What I hate about YouTube videos is when they put a preview at the beginning. I don't need a preview of what will happen in 10 minutes on a 15 minute video.

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Ugh, I hate everything about it! The sideways video, the spazzy scrolling, the way those short little videos loop. I'd ignore it entirely except youtubers I like have started making them.

I guess they're just trying to compete with tiktok but it's just so stupid!!! :angry:

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Yeah, several youtubers I like have hopped on the shorts bandwagon.  I hate it.  I refuse to watch the actual shorts out of principle.  I will always go to the trouble to edit the url to turn it back into a f*ckin' youtube video.

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