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I was looking to do free art for people again but with a twist
The twist is to post something positive about the person posting above you
This is to raise positivity.

[I as the poster will only reply with artworks of OC's i've chosen to draw, it's best to then look at the poster above me and send them positive vibes.]

Please keep in mind I work a factory job and whichever character i choose to draw will be random, i don't have the ability to draw for everyone that comments. [working a heavy factory job, apologies, i lack time.]

Can draw
+ Ponies
+ Animal oc's
+ Human headshot only

Cannot draw
- Furry/Anthro
- Robot

If you wish for me to draw a friends oc please get their permission to let me draw first, I don't want awkward situations.

1 character per person, i don't wish to overwork myself ^^''
Please be sure to have a reference ready, i can't work from just text.
English is not my native language!

out of respect I ask for you to
leave on any watermarks i add to the artworks made /
do not edit them /
give credit where due.
have patience

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Hey, since there is nobody before me I will make You my "victim" c:

Thank You for the humble visit on my profile for birthday, all of You guys have really made my day <3 You're amazing :3 


I would like an art of Silk Glamour's OC :3 All the references are in Her profile: https://mlpforums.com/profile/46480-silk-glamour/

Due to certain... shenanigans it would be really neat if it was art of her running away with a cake (MY CAKE!) :D 

I am not sure if it's enough information, if You need more, let me know :)

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I do, but don't worry, she will confirm when she logs in :3 

Oh, and whole cake of course : D with just a slice missing! 

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@Sir Hugoholici can give that a try but it’s okay it becomes in the weekend instead? It’ll be very hot over here and then my tablet sticks to me lol + I have to work ywy 

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Hey, it's no rush, You Yourself said You expect patience from people so that's what You're getting from me <3 Take Your time! 

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Posted (edited)

-w- I see, @Pandora is making an art as well. I better make mine really good then! I consider you one of the top artists here and this a challenge!:sneer:

(Please don't mind me I'm just hyping myself.)

Edited by Kujamih
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I don’t see it as a competition and would like not to, this threads purpose is sadly being taken hence will ask for deletion after I finished the work of art

(bc the message of spreading positivity to user above poster is ignored)

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@Sir Hugoholic AHA!! So I've caught you red-handed ... er... red hoofed-ded...(?)! 

So THIS is where you guys were conspiring (with permission, of course) but alas! You did not count on the fact that I *unsheathes her own pen and digital art pad* Can defend myself! Bwahahahah

So! Should you accept an art idea from me, not only will I drop something positive about the user above me (already spilling over with three for the ones above me) BUT I may just reciprocate (with permission, of course :D). So... be careful :toldya:

*positivity cannon blasts confetti*

1st and foremost:
Pandora: This is so clever, and so generous that I could hear Rarity herself gasp for joy! You've literally made my day and I have to thank you for that.

2nd: Kujamih: Your art is so brilliant it gives me chills to imagine what you guys are cooking up. So... I'm like Pinkie Pie shaking with anticipation

3nd: And you! You cheeky little bugger! If you're going to sneak around to try to surprise someone... it's better.. to... you know.. not make some VERY public post about it somewhere.. :toldya:

Oh... oh.. uhhhhh.. wait.. :dash: were's supposed to say something NICE about the users?! *looks at Sir Hugoholic and strains so hard to contain cheeky remarks that she simply blows up into a million colorful pastel confetti*

Hahaha *hugs him* I'm kidding, you're amazing :rarity:
You all are!

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And here's Starry above me, this is going to be an easy one :kindness: I am eager to see her art idea :coco:

You're the light of this forum. You gave it new life and gave me a new life. Celestia would be proud of such a wonderful Sun shining in the sky :blush: Friendly, understanding, calm yet so, so FUN! Like a literal Pinkie Pie! 

*hugs You tightly* You are amazing ;-;


I also skipped Kujamih by accident so to him I will say this - I loved how he laughed at our... competitive spirit in DMs :3 

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Props ValRoa

Posted (edited)

@Sir Hugoholic

He's a really nice person from what I've seen. I'm glad he has provided my other friend, Starry, with a great deal of positivity and support that she needs. I know you'll always be there for her.


I would want you to draw Shell here, from the Austraeoh fanfic. Dark blue coat. Grey mane. I would say he has grey eyes.  https://austraeoh.fandom.com/wiki/Shell

Edited by -Solstice-
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