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The New and the Old - ode to Austraeoh and Beyond




I haven't made a blog entry in a while, and I figured now was the time to make it. The past few days, and month as a whole have been the most productive and turbulent of the year to date.

I have finished Austraeoh (the whole series on fimfic https://www.fimfiction.net/user/32973/Imploding+Colon ) - it has taken me since late October of 2021 but now I find myself here. If none of you know what Austraeoh is, it is a story in which Rainbow Dash is sent out of Equestria on a mission east to reach the other side of the world, to find the Harmonic Prisim, a legendary artifact to reset the world. She goes dozens of thousands of miles, coming across many unseen civilizations. There are many villains, and heroes along the way. RD finds and loses many friends, and deals with the complex cosmological fates that govern the world, as well as finding about the world's true nature and beyond.

This series has been extremely emotional and important to me. I lived through it so to speak, I felt what happened in the story, it has been very amazing and very in depth. It has helped me in so many ways, and helped me see and understand the world in different lights. Imploding Colon is an amazing Author, I just hope he finishes the series at some point in the future. I don't have the words for the whole story itself, but I'll list out a few of my favorite characters.

Top 10 favorite original characters in the story?

  1. Shell 
  2. Roarke
  3. Axan
  4. Seraphimus
  5. Lexxic 
  6. Verlax
  7. Longaze
  8. Chandler
  9. Bard
  10. Wildcard

Favorite moments in the series?

  1. Standoff of the Lightning Bearer against the Steel wing, and the subsequent defeat of the Dark Divine (Nevlamas) by her sister Axan.
  2. Abaddon's song about the history of the world, from the Sundering up until the events of the Trinary war.
  3. Nightshade's sequencing and visions with Rainbow Dash.
  4. Formation of the Noble Jurty and the love scenes between Roarke and Rainbow Dash.
  5. Axan's first encounter with Rainbow Dash.
  6. The Edge of the world combat scene between scene between the Central Guard and the Herald at the edge of the world, with Seraphimus battling against her former subordinate of Wildcard/Jordan.
  7. The revelation of what Verlax really was and Seraphimus coming to terms with that later on.
  8. Skagra's and the Red Barge arc as a whole.
  9. The events of the Quade, and the various elements of the machine world throughout Utaan.
  10. The intense scene in Foxtaur where Roarke and RD meet for the first time and almost end up dueling to death within the caves. 

Favorite book of the series? Utaan, hands down.

How would I rate the series as a whole? I would say it is a solid 8/10. I did not like the inclusion of the Mane 6 into the storyline and I felt like it distracted from the main point of the story series as a whole, but that aside I see nothing else to rate, as the series is not finished yet. I would also say that I wanted to see more of Longaze and Chandler's personalities, and backstories. I wish Skagra wasn't just killed off, and I also wish that Monket got more focus as well, as we didn't really know what happened with him later on. Those faults aside, it is very well worth the read and investment. 


Also in other news, it also coincides that a mere few days ago I lost a fairly long friendship due to longstanding issues (mostly on my part), as well as the culmination of the ending of a year long RP in my Discord DM's involving my character of Collapse, and other real life things, so it seems like my life has come to a massive head with many things all coming at me at once, and then once they resolve, it sets a new playing field never seen previously. 2022 has been a year of massive conflict (internal and external), with many things as they were previous to this year coming apart completely and setting in new paradigms that eclipse anything that has ever happened previously, and all while that was happening, I was reading the Austraeoh series, without taking any breaks. These things happen for a reason, and I wouldn't undo any of the decisions that I have made this year. 

As for the next book I am reading? It will be - https://www.fimfiction.net/story/149893/appledashery 

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6 hours ago, abrony-mouse said:

I don't know that fic, but is that pic from it? If so, it is greatness!

That is the picture of the Noble Jury cast, the crewmembers onboard the ship of the same name.

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